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Jūrmala Passes to the Next Stage of the Competition for the European "Capital of Culture in Latvia 2027"

On 8 July the pre-selection phase of the competition for the European Capital of Culture in Latvia 2027 ended. Jūrmala is one of the cities selected for participation in the next stage of the competition.

Four cities selected among the nine candidates from Latvia will compete for the title of the European Capital of Culture in the second stage – Daugavpils, Valmiera, Liepāja and Jūrmala.
In Latvia reviewing of applications of the candidate cities by a panel of independent experts selected by the European Parliament, Council of the European Union, European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions and two national experts nominated by the National Culture Council and the Ministry of Culture on-line took three days.

Thank you to all, who participated in preparation of the application, – inhabitants of Jūrmala and municipalities of Kurzeme, young people and seniors, people of different nationalities, culture professionals, experts in urban environments, nature, health and other areas, entrepreneurs! A lot of thorough work on the analysis of cultural life of the city and challenges faced by it, identifying wishes and needs of inhabitants of the city was invested in the application for the competition.

The slogan of Jūrmala's application – ARTeries – symbolises flows of life, people, creative ideas, history, culture, art, nature and countless other flows maintaining life in all its expressions. After becoming a European Capital of Culture Jūrmala wishes to demonstrate that culture is the artery of health and life and implement a meaningful and sustainable programme as a European Capital of Culture, prove that cooperation is a cultural expression that can unite.

The cultural programme, which is the result of cooperation, has three thematic directions: health – activities dedicated to physical and mental health; co-creation – events created as a result of local and international cooperation aimed at attaining cultural and economic goals; environment – activities aimed at climate change and sustainable development issues.

In Latvia nine cities, including Jūrmala, participate in the competition for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2027 – Cēsis, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Jēkabpils, Kuldīga, Liepāja, Ogre and Valmiera.

As soon as the recommendation of the panel announced today will be officially approved, cities that have passed to the next stage will have to prepare much more detailed applications until spring 2022. Then the panel will meet again to review them and decide, which one of these cities will become the European Capital of Culture in 2027, when there will be a European Capital of Culture in Latvia for the second time (the first time Rīga became the European Capital of Culture in Latvia in 2014). There will be another European Capital of Culture in Portugal in 2027 too.