Accessible to everyone

Jūrmala has made diligent efforts to make the city more accessible to people with physical and visual disabilities. The Jaunķemeri, Kauguri, Vaivari, Dzintari and Bulduri beaches are adapted for people with special needs. There are exit paths here suitable for wheelchairs, as well as special changing rooms for people with reduced mobility.

Likewise, all newly built and reconstructed walkways and sidewalks feature integrated tactile markings that aid navigation for the visually impaired. Also, the city's traffic lights are equipped with audible signals. Disabled people have full access to Jūrmala's public buildings - the City Council, Jūrmala City Museum, Aspazija's house, Social Integration State Agency for training and rehabilitation units and other structures. A significant benefit is the platform modernization of Jūrmala’s railway stations. More information about the accessibility of Jurmala's institutions and infrastructure is available on the interactive map

For several years, significant efforts have been made to adapt Jūrmala’s beaches for people with disabilities. In Kauguri there is a specially equipped beach for the blind, whereas the Vaivari beach has been adapted for people with special needs, with wheelchair-accessible changing rooms installed. In Kauguri and Jaunķemeri there are special floating chairs offered for disabled people free of charge, available for individual use as well as with an assistant.