Art gallery "Inner Light"

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Every painting created by Vitaly Yermolayev hides a secret of light inside it. The author himself calls this effect the ‘inner light’. His works sparkle under special lighting, and instead of the painting, the viewer sees something different, an initially hidden version. The artist has successfully combined his new ‘fluorescent’ technique with the best classic painting traditions. The shift from day-time to night-time on a painting can be very gradual, offering the viewer an enormous variety of transforming images. With advance registration, the gallery can also offer painting master classes as an interesting addition to various celebrations. For example, the bride and groom on the day of their wedding can make a painting together, an activity like this will perfectly complement children’s birthdays and other important anniversaries. The gallery also has an art cafe.

Ticket price for adults — 5 euros; for university students and groups of 10 people and over — 3 euros; pensioners and schoolchildren — 1 euro.

  • Art gallery "Inner Light"
  • Art gallery "Inner Light"
  • Art gallery "Inner Light"
  • Art gallery "Inner Light"

Tuvākie pasākumi

    18.July - 1.September

    2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition of Vitālijs Jermolajevs and his apprentices' works "Energy of the sea"


    The art gallery “Inner Light” has a very special place in Jūrmala art life and is also a unique tourist attraction. The art gallery was built based on the project by the owner and painter Vitālijs Jermolajevs. Artist successfully combined the values of traditional painting with his new “fluorescent” technique - painter has a patented technique and composition of fluorescent colours. Vitālijs Jermolajevs light painting is an experimental original technique that reveals to the viewer the inner world of the artist - the “inner light” - by a fluorescent colour game. Every painting created by artist hides a mystery of light - in a special lightning art works begin to glow, and the viewer can see another, hidden image. In some works these so-called “day” and “night” effects are similar, in others quite different. The gradual transition from day to night painting offers the viewer a huge variety of image transformations. Paintings of Vitālijs Jermolajevs arouse associations that bridge consciousness with the subconsciousness. Kade Clemensen (USA), Arina Jermolajeva (Latvia), and group EzotericOM (Estonia) also participate in the exhibition. During the Biennale Vitālijs Jermolajevs unique paintings will reveal the story of the changing energy of the sea in different seasons.

    Mon. – Sun. 11AM – 5PM 


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