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Eat and Drink

Jūrmala’s restaurants and eateries mirror the city’s history – a multinational and saturated experience of flavours. They reflect historical tastes as well as contemporary culinary fashions and the local residents’ daily rituals. Guests can always find something suited to their taste and mood among the city’s 150 diverse restaurants. Many are found right in the centre of the city, along Jomas street and the surrounding streets, where a variety of live music often accompanies diners well into night during the summer season.

A more extensive gastronomic tour of Jūrmala can lead one to a wonderful meal amongst the dunes or on the banks of the river, with a grand view of nature and yachts calmly sliding by or, in the evening, Europe’s most beautiful sunset reflected on your plate. It’s no wonder that during the summer several of the seaside restaurants, cafés and grill bars are open late into the night or even till dawn, letting guests leisurely enjoy the magic of a summer night, only to return the next day for an equally relaxing brunch with family or friends. Many of Jūrmala’s restaurants feature local cuisine – both traditional and contemporary interpretations thereof – with the catch of the day from the nearby waters playing a prominent role on the menu. If you yearn for something a bit more exotic, it’s just as easy to find a meal inspired by the Caucasus or the Orient... or savour a bit of Old Europe, where Italian and French cooking take centrestage. Jūrmala takes pride in being home to some of Latvia’s best restaurants.