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Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to buy Jūrmala entry pass from February 1.

Entry Fee in Jūrmala

As of 1 February 2024, a fee of EUR 3 will be required to enter the city in a vehicle. The fee will apply throughout the year.

The entry pass will be available for purchase at:

  • visitjurmala.lv
  • Mobilly, Europark or Citadele
  • entry pass machines in the city (see map)
  • Jūrmala Tourism Information Centre, Lienes iela 5, Jūrmala

Please be aware that the payment card system is currently experiencing a delay. After entering your card information and completing your payment, you might not instantly receive an email regarding the pass you just bought. However, even if there is a slight delay, the pass's term will not be affected if the money is reserved and taken out of your account. Please check to be sure!  Thank you for your patience.



How does the Jūrmala day pass work?

  • The pass must be purchased on the day of entry at any time (including after entry) before 23:59.
  • On the day of purchase of the pass, the number of entries into the Jūrmala special regime area is unlimited until 23:59.
  • After 23:59 on the day of entry, the pass is valid until departure from the special regime area.
  • More information in the FAQ section.

Jūrmala entry passes can be purchased for a longer period of time


Price, EUR

7 day pass 10,00
30 day pass 31,00
90 day pass 55,00
180 day pass 107,00
270 day pass 150,00
365 day pass 180,00
  • The number of entries during the period of validity of the pass is unlimited.


Frequently asked questions about entry passes in Jūrmala

1. I arrived in Jūrmala yesterday, but I forgot to buy a pass. Is it possible to buy a retroactive pass? 

The pass for the previous day can be purchased electronically on this section by selecting the date from yesterday in the calendar.

2. We are planning to come to Jūrmala (Lielupe) by car for several days in the summer, but we will get around the city on foot or by bicycle. Do we need to buy a pass for each day? 

The fee is charged for entering the Jūrmala special regime area  (see map), so you only need to buy a day pass for the day of entry. The period of stay in the Jūrmala special regime area (without leaving) is not limited. 

3. On weekend, I will go by car from Riga to visit my friends who live in Jūrmala, Valteri, and I will go back the following day. Do I have to buy a pass for both days? 

When driving through the city centre, you will cross the special regime area twice – first, at the Priedaine checkpoint and then at Valtera prospekts on the way back. As you will enter the Jūrmala special regime area on different days, a day pass must be purchased for each day.

 Map – special regime area for entry to Jūrmala

Please note that signs Paid Area have been installed in front of the entrances to the special regime area in Jūrmala to inform drivers.

4. When travelling to Jūrmala on weekends, there are often queues at the entry pass machines. Is it possible to pay for the pass in another way and later? 

The fee for the day pass can also be paid after entering the city, but the pass must be purchased before the end of the day (23:59) when the vehicle enters Jūrmala.

You can buy a day pass for a specific day using the electronic payment system of the mobile service provider SIA Mobilly, the Citadele Bank mobile app or internet banking, the EuroPark mobile app, the website www.jurmala.lv (you can also do this before coming to Jūrmala), as well as at the entry pass machines located in the city (next to the Tourist Information Centre in Majori parking lot, at Dzintari Concert Hall, at Dubulti railway station and at the Lielupe RIMI parking lot). See the map.

5. Why can’t I pay in cash for an entry pass in Priedaine and Vaivari? 

At the entrance to Jūrmala in Priedaine and Vaivari, passes can no longer be paid for with cash – payment can only be made with a payment card or contactless payment means (mobile phone, smart watch, etc.). Cash payments have been cancelled to speed up the payment process for passes and reduce traffic jams. Cash payments often cause delays at passing points – coins tend to get stuck and sometimes unsuitable objects are inserted into the machines, which makes them temporarily unusable. 

It will still be possible to pay for the pass in cash at the entry pass machines in the city: at the Rimi supermarket in Lielupe, at Dzintari Concert Hall, at the Majori parking lot, or at the Dubulti station. 

6. I plan to go to Jūrmala by car with a trailer. Do I also need to buy a pass for the trailer? 

Since the trailer is intended to be driven in conjunction with a motor vehicle, a separate pass for the trailer is not required. 

7. Do I need a pass to enter Jūrmala by scooter? 

If the engine capacity exceeds 50 cc and the maximum speed exceeds 45 km/h, the scooter meets the definition of a motorcycle and is registered with the Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) accordingly. As motorcycles need a pass to enter the Jūrmala special regime area, scooters with the appropriate technical characteristics also need a pass.