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Terms of Use

Terms of Use of the Website

Truthfulness of information

We are working in order for all information on  to be as relevant and realistic as possible. However, you should independently verify information before trusting it. We do not guarantee that information is accurate, has not become obsolete and is complete, and we do not take responsibility for losses incurred due to inaccurate information.

We recommend verification of information with the relevant provider of tourism services (object, hotel, catering institution, etc.) and/or event organiser.


Jūrmala City Council may delete in part or in full, change, supplement information on the website  without a prior notice.

Jūrmala City Council cannot guarantee that the website  will be available 24/7. Availability of the site may be temporarily interrupted due to a problem and/or update. Jūrmala City Council shall not be liable for losses incurred due to unavailability of the website.


Copyright to the content (including original texts, photographs, design elements, charts, video, etc.) placed on website  is owned by Jūrmala City Council or the third parties which have given permission to publish the content on .

It is prohibited to republish, sell, copy, adapt, etc. any content of  without the permission from Jūrmala City Council.

Jūrmala City Council gives the right to use the website  and print materials for personal, non-commercial and informative purposes.


Jūrmala emblem is a trademark registered to Jūrmala City Council. It may not be copied, republished, imitated, changed and otherwise used in full or in part without permission from Jūrmala City Council.  contains also trademarks of partners which may not be copied, republished, imitated, changed and otherwise used in full or in part without permission of the owner of the relevant trademark.

Hyperlinks  contains links to the resources of the third parties – websites, applications, informative materials, etc. Jūrmala City Council shall not be liable for design, content updating and truthfulness of information on these websites. Passage to the external links is the responsibility of the user.


Privacy policy

Jūrmala City Council is committed to and exercises protection of your privacy. This privacy policy explains our data processing approaches and your possibilities in relation to how your personal data is summarised and used.

Protection of personal data

Privacy policy in relation to protection of personal data is based on

Purposes for data collection, retention and processing

Your data is collected in order to:

  • allow personalisation of your access to the system;
  • allow Jūrmala City Council to respond to your questions and provide information to you;
  • prepare anonymous statistics on use of the website;
  • provide services;
  • analyse characteristics of our customers in order to understand the needs of our customer, to develop new products and services, as well as for the needs of marketing communication.

Jūrmala City Council, its employees and contractors will use data only for the above-mentioned purposes and in order to improve the quality of services.

The persons responsible for processing of your data

Data controller responsible for the processing of this data is Jūrmala City Council. In case of questions regarding the processing of your personal data you can send an e-mail to
Employees of Jūrmala City Council who have access to personal identifying information are required to ensure protection of this information in accordance with this privacy policy, for example, not to use the information for other purposes except for provision of services necessary to the customer.
Only duly appointed and duly authorised employees of Jūrmala City Council may access data by using their user ID and personal password in respective systems.

Data collected by us

  • e-mail

Data retention period

We will store the personal information, customer and business information as long as necessary in order to:

  • provide products, services and information requested by you or your company;
  • contact you regarding the request that you have submitted to us;
  • administer your choices and rights that you have exercised in accordance with this privacy policy.

Possibilities of access to your data, verification of correctness and correction

You are entitled to request a copy of your personal data at any time, to verify correctness of the stored information and/or correct or update this information. You may also request complete deletion of your personal information if you currently do not have active requests.
We will put forth all commercially reasonable effort to provide you with appropriate access to any of your personal information that we retain for 30 days since your access request.

You can cancel subscription to e-mail messages at any time by sending a notice to e-mail or by using the link available in the messages sent to you.
In order to protect your privacy and safety we will perform appropriate measures in order to verify your identity before issuing you information concerning the personal data you have requested.

In case of questions or complaints

If you would like to access, delete (in separate cases) or correct your personal information, please contact: data controller who is responsible for the processing of this data, e-mail address:
In case of complaints and conflicts please write to the date protection officer of Jūrmala City Council (e-mail: ).

If you will submit a complaint related to privacy, we will register your name and/or company name, the name, e-mail and location country of the person related to the complaint, and information at the basis of complaint. We will use information provided by you in order to examine your complaint and to send you a reply as soon as your complaint has been reviewed.

Cookie policy

“Cookies” is an information of a small volume that is saved by the website on your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. It allows the server to collect information from your browser; thus, you do not have to enter the data again whenever you return to the website or go from one site to another. You can find more information on how cookies work on this website:

The use of cookies

Our website uses cookies in order to improve the quality of offered services. We use session cookies, permanent cookies and third party (partner) cookies in order to:

  • recognise new or former customers;
  • remember your screen preferences, for example, settings of contrast colour or font sizes;
  • remember whether you have already provided answers in the pop-up survey (thus, you will not be asked to do it again);
  • remember whether you have (or have not) given consent for our use of cookies on this website;
  • remember whether you have (or have not) closed the mobile application download window;
  • remember whether you have already signed up in the pop-up newsletter subscription window (thus, you will not be asked to do it again);
  • collect trustworthy site use information that allows us to measure how well the site suits the needs of its users, and to perform any necessary improvements;
  • analyse what websites you visit and what consumer privacy tools you are using.

Enabling of these cookies is not mandatory for performance of the main functions of the site, but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies at any time, but if you do so some options of the website may not work as well as intended.

Please take into consideration that some cookies may be placed by the third-party service provider that performs several functions for our needs.

Personal data and transfer thereof

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Cookie control mechanisms

You can control and/or delete cookies if you wish. You can delete or block all cookies that already are in your computer, but if you do so, several options of this website may not work as intended, and you might have to manually adjust several preferences every time when you visit the site.

You may agree to the use of cookies on this site or refuse from it by choosing any of the following options: I agree to the use of cookies / I am aware that some cookies are necessary for the use of the website, but I do not agree to the use of cookies which collect the other information (*).

*You may only refuse from the use of permanent cookies which are not necessarily needed.