House of Aspazija

  • 15.May - 15.September

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House of Aspazija in Dubulti is the most unusual and the most beautiful museum in Jūrmala. It was the will of the poetess’ for this house to become a place to meet for writers, artists, photographers and other intellectuals from Riga, Jūrmala and Latvia. Various poetry recitals, concerts and talks take place here. The special atmosphere of House of Aspazija is created by music, art and history; the restored exhibition of the museum helps experience the spirit of the last century, via not only early 20th century household items and interiors, but also projected holograms and interactive educational games.

Free of charge entrance.


  • House of Aspazija
  • House of Aspazija
  • House of Aspazija
  • House of Aspazija

Tuvākie pasākumi

    Thursday, 22.August

    Meet-up of creative people "Coffee with Aspazija"

    Meet-up of creative people "Coffee with Aspazija" in the House of Aspazija. Entry is free of charge.

    3.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00

    Permanent interactive exhibition "Aspasia returns to Dubulti"


    1.January 10:00 - 31.December 18:00

    Permanent historical exposition "Home of a creative personality in Jūrmala, 1933 - 1943."


    This two-story wooden summerhouse is where Aspazija spent the last ten years of her life. The renewed exhibition features Aspazija's large dining room and guest lounge with a richly decorated tiled stove, floral furniture and an antique radio, where you can hear Aspazija's voice, recorded at the end of the 1930ties. A narrow wooden staircase leads to Aspazija's study where several items of the writer's original furniture have been preserved.

    The house, in which the Latvian poet Aspasia spent her life's final years, is a wooden architectural and historical monument of national importance. The house was built in 1903, and it attracts attention with its facade's diverse finishes. In 1996 Aspazija's house was opened to the public as the poet's memorial site and the city Museum's branch.


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