Exhibition hall Inta and Imants Ozoliņi "IO"

The exhibition hall is located in an 1898 building which is a part of the historical wooden Modernist architecture site. Its visitors can enjoy the variable exhibitions of Latvian and foreign paintings, drawings and sculptures. The exhibition hall offers a view at the workshops of the graphic artist Imants Ozoliņš and photographer Ina Inta Liniņa-Ozoliņa. It also hosts one-man shows, book presentations and meetings with interesting people. The exhibition hall can be visited with children who will probably be more interested in the presence of two cats and the dog Dino in all the activities.

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  • Exhibition hall Inta and Imants Ozoliņi "IO"
  • Exhibition hall Inta and Imants Ozoliņi "IO"
  • Exhibition hall Inta and Imants Ozoliņi "IO"

Tuvākie pasākumi

    20.July - 31.August

    2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition "Photo Marīna 2019"

    • https://www.facebook.com/MarinaBiennale/

    The activity of photo clubs and studios in Latvia began in 1962 with the establishment of Riga Photo Club. Originally organized as amateur clubs, these were the places where strong and creative personalities met, certain aesthetic criteria emerged, information and views were exchanged, and prevailed the creative tension maintained by the spirit of rivalry. One of the main areas of club activity was to organize regular exhibitions, which formed the era’s understanding of photography as a work of art. The strong traditions have been inherited and sustained by many photography studios and photo clubs in Latvia today. Jūrmala photo studio “Aspazija” organizes an extensive photo exhibition “PHOTO Marīna 2019” at four venues, where participate photographers from photo club “Rīga”,  popular photo studio “Bauska”, photo club “Āgenskalns”, Daugavpils photo studio “Ezerzeme-F”, Krāslava photo club “Zibsnis”, Liepāja popular photo studio “Fotast”, Talsi, VEF Culture Palace popular art photo studio RVR, Ventspils municipality photo club “Kursa”, Ventspils photo club “Moments” and Kuldīga photo clubs. Photographers of the photo studio “Aspazija” are widely represented. Audience will also enjoy works of such grand masters as Gunārs Binde, Dainis Rozentāls, Valdis Brauns, Raimonds Rāts etc. The artists in their photos tried to capture the ever-changing sea in different seasons and conditions, record light and shadow play in the waves of the sea and in the white sand of the beach. Some photographers’ works show an ironic view and a good sense of humour, unusual points of view and interesting situations. The sea is ever-changing, volatile and exciting… It speaks differently to every photographer, therefore each has its own sea, his own marine!

    • The Rainis and Aspazija Summer House, Jāņa Pliekšāna iela 5/7, Majori

    Sun., Mon. closed
    Tue 10AM – 5PM
    Wed. 12PM – 7PM
    Thu. 10AM – 5PM
    Fri. 10AM – 5PM
    Sat. 10AM – 5PM

    • Social Integration State Agency, exhibition hall, Dubultu prospekts 71, Jaundubulti

    Mon. – Sun. 9AM – 9PM

    • Hotel "Daina Jūrmala Beach Hotel & Spa", ground floor lobby, Mežsargu iela 4/6, Melluži 

    Mon. – Sun. 09AM – 9PM

    • “M. S. Kuznetsov apartments" LTD. exhibition hall "I.O", Kāpu iela 143, Vaivari 

    Making an appointment in advance: 67766447, 29401393


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