Jūrmala hospital

The Jurmala Hospital is a multi-profile and emergency medical institution which provides health care services to patients from the Jurmala city, Riga region and other areas in Latvia, regardless of the health services' regional distribution, as well as to foreign patients. 

The Hospital's medical and diagnostic services profile:

  • Stationary surgical, internal medicine, gynaecology and obstetric services, including planned and emergency health care provision and patient observation (surveillance) care - STATIONARY UNIT.
  • Ambulatory health care services, including patient day-care, a wide range of outpatient specialist consultations, patients' home care - OUTPATIENT UNIT.
  • Diagnostic services, including radiation diagnostic, clinical physiology, laboratory diagnostic and endoscopic services - DIAGNOSTIC UNIT.
  • Rehabilitation services, including physical therapy and physiotherapy services.
  • Other services

Hospital buildings with a total area of ​​8418 m2;

The total bed capacity is 100;

Number of employees - 275.

  • Jūrmala hospital
  • Jūrmala hospital
  • Jūrmala hospital
  • Jūrmala hospital

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