Sunday, 18.August

Jūrmala colour run

  • Sunday, 18.August
  • Kauguri

Colour Run is a unique and popular event globally – each year it is held in more than 50 countries around the world. This is the fourth edition of the event in Latvia. It is certainly the funniest and most colourful run in Jūrmala

Sunday, 18.August
11:00 - 13:00

Summer events for children - Theater Sunday

Summer events for children "Theater Sunday". Entry is free of charge. Melluži Park.

Sunday, 18.August

Latvian Championship in beach football

Latvian Championship in beach football at Jūrmala beach sports centre. Majoru beach, end of Kaiju iela. 

Sunday, 18.August

Pushkin`s fairy tales

"Pushkin`s fairy tales" (held in Russian) by Latvian sand animation theater at the centre "Korso Brīnumi".

Sunday, 18.August

Benjamin Appl, baritone & Simon Lepper, piano

Performers: Benjamin Appl (baritone) and Simon Lepper (piano)


  • Franz SCHUBERT Seligkeit (Hölty) D 433
  • Max REGER Des Kindes Gebet (Rafael) op 76 no 22
  • Franz SCHUBERT Freude der Kinderjahre (Leitner) D 455
  • Johannes BRAHMS Wiegenlied (Volkslied) op 49 no 4
  • Franz SCHUBERT Der Einsame (Lappe) D800
  • Johannes BRAHMS Mondnacht (Eichendorff) op 3 no 5
  • Franz SCHREKER Waldeinsamkeit (Arnold)
  • Johannes BRAHMSMein Mädel hat einen Rosenmund (Volkslied)
  • Richard STRAUSS Allerseelen (Gilm) op 10 no 8
  • Franz SCHUBERT Nachtstück (Mayrhofer) D672
  • Franz SCHUBERT Drang in die Ferne (Leitner) D 770
  • Franz SCHUBERT Der Wanderer an den Mond (Seidl) D870
  • Adolf STRAUSS Ich weiß bestimmt, ich wird’ dich wiedersehen (Hift)
  • Franz SCHUBERT Das Heimweh (Hell) D 456
  • Franz SCHUBERT Der Wanderer (Schmidt) D489
  • Francis POULENC Hyde Park (Apollinaire) FP 127 no 2
  • Banjamin BRITTEN Greensleeves (folk song)
  • Ralph VAUGHAN WILLIAMS Silent Noon (Rosetti)
  • Henry Rowley BISHOP Home, sweet home (Payne)
  • Peter WARLOCK My own country (Belloc)
  • Peter WARLOCK The Bachelor (Anonymous)
  • John IRELAND If there were dreams to sell (Beddoes)
  • Edvard GRIEG Sechs deutsche Lieder op 48


Sunday, 18.August
Sunday, 18.August

Russian National Orchestra & Mikhail Pletnev

Performers: Mischa Maisky (cello), Russiant National Orchestra, conductor Mikhail Pletnev


  • Georges BIZET Suite from L’Arlésienne /arr. M.Pletnev/
  • Camille SAINT-SAËNS Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor, op. 33
  • Sergei PROKOFIEV Romeo and Juliet, extracts from Suites No. 1 and 2 /arr. M. Pletnev/

Three legends will meet in concert at the Dzintari Concert Hall – the Riga-born cellist known as the best in the world Mischa Maisky, the most visible pianist and conductor of our era, Mikhail Pletnev, and the leading Russian National Orchestra. The RNO, which was included in 2008 by British magazine Gramophone in its list of the world’s 20 greatest orchestras, embodies the greatest Russian classical music traditions. The orchestra’s Artistic Director since its founding, Mikhail Pletnev, sees the joy of meeting in music as the most important aspect of collaboration, while cellist Maisky never allows his performances to become routine. Passion, impulsiveness and charisma – the key words for this meeting of legends!


14.August - 18.August

13th Tournament “Riga Invites to Jurmala”

More information:

16.August - 1.September

Music festival "Rīga Jūrmala"

During the summer season, the city of Jurmala becomes Latvia’s capital of music – welcoming musicians and performing artists of many different genres. The pearl of Jurmala is the unique open-air stage of the Dzintari Concert Hall, where the nature of the seaside interacts with music in perfect harmony. This summer the new, world-class music festival RĪGA JŪRMALA will give the city of Jurmala a special flavour.

From August 16th to September 1st, the Great and Small Halls of the Dzintari Concert Hall will feature world-class orchestral concerts with legendary conductors and great soloists, as well as showcasing special daytime concerts. Tickets available at:

20.July - 31.August

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition "Photo Marīna 2019"

The activity of photo clubs and studios in Latvia began in 1962 with the establishment of Riga Photo Club. Originally organized as amateur clubs, these were the places where strong and creative personalities met, certain aesthetic criteria emerged, information and views were exchanged, and prevailed the creative tension maintained by the spirit of rivalry. One of the main areas of club activity was to organize regular exhibitions, which formed the era’s understanding of photography as a work of art. The strong traditions have been inherited and sustained by many photography studios and photo clubs in Latvia today. Jūrmala photo studio “Aspazija” organizes an extensive photo exhibition “PHOTO Marīna 2019” at four venues, where participate photographers from photo club “Rīga”,  popular photo studio “Bauska”, photo club “Āgenskalns”, Daugavpils photo studio “Ezerzeme-F”, Krāslava photo club “Zibsnis”, Liepāja popular photo studio “Fotast”, Talsi, VEF Culture Palace popular art photo studio RVR, Ventspils municipality photo club “Kursa”, Ventspils photo club “Moments” and Kuldīga photo clubs. Photographers of the photo studio “Aspazija” are widely represented. Audience will also enjoy works of such grand masters as Gunārs Binde, Dainis Rozentāls, Valdis Brauns, Raimonds Rāts etc. The artists in their photos tried to capture the ever-changing sea in different seasons and conditions, record light and shadow play in the waves of the sea and in the white sand of the beach. Some photographers’ works show an ironic view and a good sense of humour, unusual points of view and interesting situations. The sea is ever-changing, volatile and exciting… It speaks differently to every photographer, therefore each has its own sea, his own marine!

  • The Rainis and Aspazija Summer House, Jāņa Pliekšāna iela 5/7, Majori

Sun., Mon. closed
Tue 10AM – 5PM
Wed. 12PM – 7PM
Thu. 10AM – 5PM
Fri. 10AM – 5PM
Sat. 10AM – 5PM

  • Social Integration State Agency, exhibition hall, Dubultu prospekts 71, Jaundubulti

Mon. – Sun. 9AM – 9PM

  • Hotel "Daina Jūrmala Beach Hotel & Spa", ground floor lobby, Mežsargu iela 4/6, Melluži 

Mon. – Sun. 09AM – 9PM

  • “M. S. Kuznetsov apartments" LTD. exhibition hall "I.O", Kāpu iela 143, Vaivari 

Making an appointment in advance: 67766447, 29401393

19.July - 31.August

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition "13 meters per second"

  • 19.July - 31.August
  • Jomas iela 35

This exhibition has three participants – painter Jānis Jēkabsons, sculptor Ivars Miķelsons and graphic artist, Professor of Art Academy of Latvia Jānis Murovskis. The authors know each other well - from 1981 to 1986 they studied together at Art Academy of Latvia. Together they attended plein airs, and once compulsory kolkhoz works, as well as visited each other’s exhibitions for interest in colleagues’ creative work. After studies, they have chosen different artistic paths. Exhibition’s “13 meters per second” name and ideological platform were created together, but further each of them follows their own wind. Sculptor Ivars Miķelsons as a theme for his work has chosen TAILWIND, graphic artist Jānis Murovskis selected CROSSWIND, but painter Jānis Jēkabsons explores SUDDEN WIND. Sculptor Ivars Miķelsons on his chosen TAILWIND: - It’s a movement, a journey, a motion... For us, the inhabitants of Latvia, it has also become a non-return trip. Probably old saying “Have a good tailwind” has lost its meaning... Painter Jānis Jēkabsons thinks similarily: - We never know what the SUDDEN WIND will bring. Neither in nature nor in life in general. But maybe we’re looking at it from a distance and it doesn’t affect us at all. The name of the exhibition “13 meters per second” has a deeper meaning than just a wind speed measurement. Find out more about it at the exhibition.

Sun., Mon.  closed
Tue. – Sat. 12PM – 6PM

20.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Contemporary, temporary and tedious art exhibition “Marināde-2”

  • 20.July - 1.September
  • Muižas iela 6

The concept of the contemporary, temporary and tedious art exhibition “Marināde-2” is based on the multidimensionality and the idea of postmodern art demolishing boundaries between high or elitist art and popular art. Artist Agnese Bule, the manager of the Bulduri Exhibition House, creates exhibitions-happenings that actively involve a wide range of general public and Latvian artists. Aunt Marina started her successful activity at the Bulduri Exhibition House already in the summer of 2017, when during the exhibition “MARINĀDE-1” she supported a lot of events at the Bulduri Exhibition House with her products and irresistible appearance. This summer aunt Marina invites her to the second performance, which promises a lot of surprises. For a long time aunt Marina has been hanging out near the Baltic Sea and trying to figure out what more could be done with it. Salt water of the sea could also be used for marinating, she thought. What could be marinated in the middle of summer? Cucumbers, of course, as Jūrmala is a famous resort to pickle around during the high season. At first aunt Marina unsuccessfully looked for the sea cucumbers, but after all had to settle for the usual homegrown ones. The apron on and straight to the work, aunt Marina decided in the summer of 2017 and marinated recklessly. But this summer there will be a powerful storm in Jūrmala, she hears. “The storm might wash out some sea cucumbers,” thinks aunt Marina, hoping for a great catch. The exhibition is organized by Bulduri Exhibition House in cooperation with union “RAD-DAR” and “Latvian dream”.

Sun., Mon. closed
Tue. – Fri. 12PM – 7PM
Sat. 12PM – 4PM

19.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. International painting competition exhibiton "Marīna 2019. Storm"

  • 19.July - 1.September
  • Tirgoņu iela 29

Marine, as an independent landscape genre, emerged in the 17th century in Holland, and has retained its popularity until today. Marine painters’ exhibitions regularly take place in Jūrmala since 2006, captivating and inspiring both artists and spectators. This year’s marine themed painting competition exhibition at Jūrmala City Museum provides an opportunity to see the interpretation of the storm in traditional as well as contemporary perspective by artists from different countries within one exhibition. Headed by the Art Academy of Latvia Professor Aleksejs Naumovs, the jury commission from almost 200 works selected 149 works from 9 countries for the exhibition. The laureates are traditionally announced at the opening of the exhibition, the main prize is presented, and the laureate of the art student category determined. There is also a vote of the audience. Curator of exhibition Guna Kalnača.

Mon., Tue. closed
Wed. – Sun. 10AM – 6PM 

19.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Sea landscapes from the museum private collection

  • 19.July - 1.September
  • Museum of private collection "Nellija"
  • Dzelzceļa iela 16

Somewhat small, unique museum of private collections “Nellija” has found its place in Jūrmala, now serving as a business card of cultural processes, promoting  the development of art and preservation of cultural values, enriching the cultural life in the city. Thanks to the initiative and enthusiasm of Vladimirs Ribakovs, the museum opened in 2016 in a building built especially for it. It displays over 300 paintings and etchings by Russian and Western artists, and a collection of valuable 70 icons. World famous art science celebrities took part in the creation of the museum’s collection: former Director General of Tretyakov Gallery Valentin Rodionov, member of Tretyakov Gallery board of directors Oleg Ivanov, Professor of Art Academy of Latvia Vladimirs Kozins and others. Paintings in the museum live not only on the walls and ceilings of the gallery, they stand on the floor, sometimes hiding behind each other. There is not a single free spot on the walls - paintings are arranged in three, four rows, from the floor to the ceiling Gallery exhibits works of famous academic painters Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Isaac Levitan, Valentina Serova, Mikhail Nesterova, Ivan Aivazovsky. Art enthusiasts are also amazed by the works of the members of such artist groups as the Art World (Мир исскуства), the Blue Rose (Голубая роза), and the Jack of Diamonds (Бубновый валет). The gallery collection includes the works of Russian avant-garde artists from early 20th century – including the avant-garde pioneer Kazimir Malevich. You will find here also the paintings of the unique russian “Avant-garde amazons” Nadezhda Udaltsova (Надежда Удальцова), Natalia Goncharova (Наталья Гончарова), Zinaida Serebriakova (Зинаида Серебрякова), Lyubov Sergeyevna Popova (Любовь Попова), Olga Rozanova (Ольга Розанова), Alexandra Ekstera (Александра Экстер), Varvara Stepanova (Варвара Степанова). The Museum of Private Collections is a place where creative ideas are born - a historically established place of communication. Knowledge and great love for art live here.

Groups from 7 people – every day, making appointment: +371 25257727
Individual visits: Mon. – Fri. closed Sat. – Sun. 11AM – 3PM 

18.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Paintings from the collection of artists' union of Latvia "The Sea in the works of classic masters"

  • 18.July - 1.September
  • Jūrmala city council lobby
  • Jomas iela 1/5

Latvian painting can be proud of the outstanding representatives of the marine genre. This exhibition will feature the romantically realistic paintings of Jānis Osis, Staņislavs Kreics, Aleksandrs Zviedris un Herberts Siliņš, including the scenes of the sea, sea shore, harbor and fishermen’s work. The classic interpretation of the marine genre will be offered by Valdis Kalnroze. Arvīds Egle painting has a unique composition of the light and shadows, in which he probably captured himself. The outstanding painter Jānis Pauļuks will prove himself as a vital landscapist who plays not only with shining colour tones, but also with painting techniques. The work of Lidija Auza “Storm”, which coincides with the subtitle of this year’s Biennale “Marīna 2019”, is characterized by the rhythm, brightness, and thick texture. Indulis Zariņš consistent but very dynamic portrait of Leo Svemps on the seaside background creates a sense of contrast and saturation typical of tonal painting. The exhibition will be open until the first of September in the Jūrmala City Council lobby. Curator of the exhibition Jana Rāve.

Sat., Sun.  closed 
Mon. 8.30AM – 6PM 
Tue. – Thu. 8.30AM – 5PM 
Fri. 8.30AM – 4PM 

18.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition of Vitālijs Jermolajevs and his apprentices' works "Energy of the sea"

  • 18.July - 1.September
  • Omnibusa iela 19

The art gallery “Inner Light” has a very special place in Jūrmala art life and is also a unique tourist attraction. The art gallery was built based on the project by the owner and painter Vitālijs Jermolajevs. Artist successfully combined the values of traditional painting with his new “fluorescent” technique - painter has a patented technique and composition of fluorescent colours. Vitālijs Jermolajevs light painting is an experimental original technique that reveals to the viewer the inner world of the artist - the “inner light” - by a fluorescent colour game. Every painting created by artist hides a mystery of light - in a special lightning art works begin to glow, and the viewer can see another, hidden image. In some works these so-called “day” and “night” effects are similar, in others quite different. The gradual transition from day to night painting offers the viewer a huge variety of image transformations. Paintings of Vitālijs Jermolajevs arouse associations that bridge consciousness with the subconsciousness. Kade Clemensen (USA), Arina Jermolajeva (Latvia), and group EzotericOM (Estonia) also participate in the exhibition. During the Biennale Vitālijs Jermolajevs unique paintings will reveal the story of the changing energy of the sea in different seasons.

Mon. – Sun. 11AM – 5PM 

18.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Final exhibition of the social project "Stories of the storm in the sand"

  • 18.July - 1.September
  • Asaru prospekts 61

At this exhibition, audience can get acquainted with the fairy tales created by children playing in the sand, as well as the photos of the playing process. An important element of the exhibition is the digital illustrations of the children’s fairy tales by the student of the Art Academy of Latvia Anna Ābola. To create fairy tales children used sand, different miniature figurines, water and their own imagination. Children’s fairy tales were created during playing in the sand and fairy tale writing master class at Vaivari National Rehabilitation Centre and the creative workshops at Jūrmala City Museum. Children aged 5 to 12 participated in the project. The author of the idea and the recorder of the fairy tales is Inese Ābola -  Vaivari National Rehabilitation Centre Sand Game Therapist and Jūrmala City Museum Project Manager.

Mon. – Sun. 10AM – 6PM

17.July - 1.September

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Contemporary art exhibition “The sea of memories”

  • 17.July - 1.September
  • Tirgoņu iela 29

You get lost during the holiday at the sea and scientists’ warning about the sea pollution seems incredible. There is a 70 thousand square kilometres of the dead zones in the Baltic sea, where every living thing dies. They are caused by human activity, releasing into the sea nitrogen, phosphorus and pharmaceuticals. The exhibition “The sea of memories” draws attention to the pollution of the Baltic sea. It is a mournful and grim analogy based story about the fragile life of a man and the sea. Eva Saukāne video installation with Aivars Vegners 90s amateur video fragments, ballet “Crow” (Vārna) video projections with Reinis Sējāns composed music and starring Elza Leimane will be simultaneously projected on a variety of screens of different sizes, mixing the past, the present and the unfulfilled future. Exhibited are objects made by Kristīne Abika from the items washed out of the sea. Curator of the exhibition Inga Bunkše. 

Mon., Tue.  closed
Wed. – Sun. 10AM – 6PM 

5.July - 24.August

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Opening of exhibition "Aspazija. Storm".

The aim of this exhibition is to explore and introduce to the public the “stormy facets” of the personality and creative work of poet Aspazija, the novelty of the ideas oriented to human rights and their inheritance and topicality nowadays. Woman and society, Aspazija and love, an eternally young lyrical voice - none of her life areas show mediocrity and reconciliation, always striving for growth, perfection, depth, clarity, and purity of feelings. Sometimes as a storm breaking the road through stagnant beliefs to change the moral tone of society, fighting for every woman’s right of self-determination. Exhibited are materials from the collection of the Literature and Music Museum - original portraits, manuscripts and letters, thematically revealing expression of various areas of life. Artist Ints Sedlenieks. Curator of the exhibition Linda Grīnberga.

Sun., Mon.  closed
Tue.  10AM – 5PM
Wed. 12PM – 7PM
Thu.  10AM – 5PM
Fri.  10AM – 5PM
Sat.  10AM – 5PM

30.June - 1.September

International organ music festival "Vox Angelica"

For several weeks, every Sunday at 6 p.m. everyone iv invited to a concert with the participation of organists, singers and instrumentalists, as well as organ solo concerts. The festival offers a diverse programme and always guarantees the enjoyment of high level professional art. 

19.July - 20.October

2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Exhibition "National treasure. Contemporary space. Līvija Pavlovska. Gedimins Kotello"

  • 19.July - 20.October
  • Zigfrīda Meierovica prospekts 3

The exhibition showcases the works of interior designer Līvija Brigita Pavlovska and the painter and puppet animation scenographer Gedimins Kotello. With MODERN MOVEMENTS Art Station Dubulti is featuring Latvian art from the 1970s and the 1980s implementing the will of creating a modern social space under the Soviet circumstances. The exhibition curator is Inga Šteimane.

The urge to modernise and humanise the environment of socialism in the 70s and 80s not only expressed itself in interior design and city planning field but also in public discussions about the human nature. The vision of the modern society created under Socialistic circumstances was “the re-education of humans”. Art and films, among them puppet animation films, were used as a platform for these efforts.

LĪVIJA BRIGITA PAVLOVSKA (1939) – at that time Līvija Māldere – is one of the graduates of Art Academy of Latvia of the year 1970, who proudly are called “our first generation of interior designers with a specialist degree” (first interior designer graduated from Art Academy of Latvia in 1965). Artist and critic, the course-mate of Līvija, Jānis Borgs defined the responsibility of interior designers as follows: “create an interior, which is anticipated”.1 The monotonous Soviet mass housing and their impersonal utilitarian architecture, provoked the truly human needs and longings for an individualised environment.

MODERN MOVEMENTS highlights several episodes of Pavlovska’s creative work, like interior designs for State Priekuļi Plant Breeding Institute (today Priekuļi research center of the Institute of Agroresources and Economics; 1973), interior designs for the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow (today Peoples' Friendship University of Russia; 1977-1978), interior and environment design for the railway station “Majori” (1987-1990), as well as interior decoration for Riga Polytechnic Institute‘s new buildings in Ķīpsala Campus (today Riga Technical University; 1975-1981), interior decoration for the Riga Agricultural machinery factory Rigaseļmaš (1971), shop interior for the Jūrmala Society of Horticulture and Beekeeping (1980) and others. Most of the interiors are changed or lost, so the exhibition will construct the artist's original vision from sketches, photographs and reconstrucions.

GEDIMINS KOTELLO (1946), as a young graduate from the Art Academy of Latvia (1970), joined the puppet animation studio at the Riga Film Studio in 1974, where he worked as a scenographer and designer until 1990. Under the guidance of legendary founder of Latvian puppet animation, Arnolds Burovs, and in collaboration with other directors – Arvīds Noriņš, Jānis Cimermanis, Gunārs Treibergs –, Kotello created images of more than twenty films that win international awards and popularity. He also worked for many Latvia Puppet Theatre performances (1978-2003).

The exhibition MODERN MOVEMENTS offers a diversity of original drawings, puppet sculptures and films with the common story theme about ethics, responsibility and rights and wrongs. Gedimins Kotello creates visually narrative heroes and environments, by drawing his characters perfectly and highly detailed and giving them predominant biographies, which easily draws the audiences in. The artist can greatly support the director, in times of censorship and didactics, and Gedimins Kotello does exactly that.

Series about inspector Caps, who is re-educating rascals (1976-1981, director Arvīds Noriņš), the opus about the inconsiderate action, presenting puppies and kittens to children on every birthday (“Ko tagad darīt” – “What to do now”, 1978, director J. Bergmanis), romantic waste saga (“Vecā sētnieka piedzīvojumi” – “The Adventures of the Old Janitor”, 1985, director A.Burovs), fierce story about drinking habbits (“Papiņš” – “Daddy”, 1986, director A. Burovs) and other didactic but witty films. Gedimins Kotello has also worked on Arnolds Burov’s most famous animation, the romantic “Bimini” with the libretto of Heinrich Heine (1981). There is a special outdoor blackboard for children's creative entertainment – for drawings and photo sessions with Inspector Caps.

The biographies of both artists have a connection with Jūrmala. Līvija Brigita Pavlovska had the position of the Head Artist at the Jūrmala Municipality from 1978 to 1986 and she lives in Jūrmala. Gedimins Kotello was born in Jūrmala and spent his childhood summers there. The exhibition is in the program of the Biennale “Marīna 2019”, it’s on view till October 20, 2019.

The Art Station Dubulti has been founded as an innovative cultural platform in 2015. It is located in the functioning railway station, in the building of 1977 which is a striking example of Soviet modern architecture. Art Station Dubulti creates its own program to show the works of Latvian artists in current contexts and interpretations. Projects are implemented with the support of Jūrmala City Council and support from the State Culture Capital Foundation. The creator and curator of the Art Station Dubulti is Inga Šteimane.

Public program:

  • 20.07 at 15.00–16.00 – Excursion in the exhibition with curator Inga Šteimane
  • 21.07 at 14.00–15.30 – Excursion in the exhibition together with the artists Līvija Brigita Pavlovska and Gedimins Kotello
  • 24.08 at 11.00–15.00 – Workshop for families with children at the exhibition "Modern movements" under the guidance of the arts education center THREE COLOURS.
  • 24.08 at 15.00–16.30 – Excursion in the exhibition together with the artists Līvija Brigita Pavlovska and Gedimins Kotello, and with curator Inga Šteimane.

The September and October program will be announced in August

1 J. Borgs. Par interjeru, kuru gaida . Rakstu krājums “Arhitektūra un Dizains” [Compendium “Architecture and Design”, Rīga, “Avots”, 1985, 67.–71.pp. In latvian with a russian summery.

2.January - 31.December

Permanent exhibition "Child in a resort"

  • 2.January - 31.December
  • Tirgoņu iela 29

The exhibition consists of children's toys, books, games, clothing and beach accessories from the Jurmala CityMmuseum collections. The exhibition will not only let you observe the games but also to participate in them. The youngest visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in the beach atmosphere and build sand castles. The exhibition covers the time period from the late 19th century to the present day, demonstrating the children's entertainment and hobbies at the resort.
Most of the objects on display at the exhibition are carefully preserved childhood artefacts - donated to the museum by the inhabitants of Riga and Jurmala. Most of them are exhibited for public viewing for the first time. 

2.January 09:00 - 31.December 17:00

The permanent exhibition "Jūrmala fisherman's home in the 19th-20th centuries". Anchors and fishing boats collection, rope weaving workshop.

  • 2.January 09:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Tīklu iela 1a

Jurmala has long been known not only for its natural medicinal resources but also with the ancient fishing villages in the Gulf of Riga. The main activity of Jurmala's ancient inhabitants was river and sea fishing.
In 1992, the collective fishermen farm "Uzvara" was converted into a joint-stock company "Jūraslīcis". After the JSC's bankruptcy, the Jurmala City Council purchased the fishing museum's building and collection in 2002. From January 1st, 2003, it operates as a branch of the Museum of Jurmala - the Jurmala open-air museum, which is an important part of the cultural history of Jurmala and Latvia. The Jurmala Open Air Museum serves the public - its aim is to promote and explore the oldest occupation of Jurmala's population - the development of fishery in Jurmala and its immediate vicinity, as well as to preserve the fishing-related ethnographic buildings and the collection of historical evidence for future generations in the museum.

3.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00

Permanent interactive exhibition "Aspasia returns to Dubulti"

  • 3.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Aspazijas māja

1.January 10:00 - 30.December 17:00
1.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00

Multimedia exposition "Room of Rainis. Spaciousness. Depth. Infinity."

  • 1.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Tirgoņu iela 29
1.January 10:00 - 31.December 18:00

Permanent historical exposition "Home of a creative personality in Jūrmala, 1933 - 1943."

  • 1.January 10:00 - 31.December 18:00
  • Z. Meierovica prospekts 18/20

This two-story wooden summerhouse is where Aspazija spent the last ten years of her life. The renewed exhibition features Aspazija's large dining room and guest lounge with a richly decorated tiled stove, floral furniture and an antique radio, where you can hear Aspazija's voice, recorded at the end of the 1930ties. A narrow wooden staircase leads to Aspazija's study where several items of the writer's original furniture have been preserved.

The house, in which the Latvian poet Aspasia spent her life's final years, is a wooden architectural and historical monument of national importance. The house was built in 1903, and it attracts attention with its facade's diverse finishes. In 1996 Aspazija's house was opened to the public as the poet's memorial site and the city Museum's branch.

1.January 17:00 - 31.December 17:00

Exposition "You and me"