Jūrmala Open Air Museum

  • 15.May - 14.September

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  • 15.September - 14.May

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This is the largest and the most inviting museum in Jūrmala. Located at the foot of the dune “Ragakāpa”, the Jūrmala Open Air Museum is an attractive way to discover the daily life of fishermen at the turn of the 20th century. Here, you can climb on the decks of two authentic fishing boats, try your skills at the rope-making workshop, and visit authentic houses of fishermen. Around noon on Thursdays in summer, the museum offers a pleasant surprise to gourmets, as it hosts fish-smoking events where local fishermen show and tell about the traditional ways to smoke fish, inviting the guests to try the product.

Free admission.

  • Jūrmala Open Air Museum
  • Jūrmala Open Air Museum
  • Jūrmala Open Air Museum
  • Jūrmala Open Air Museum

Tuvākie pasākumi

    Thursday, 29.August

    Fish Thursday

    Fish smoking and degustation in Jūrmala Open Air Museum.

    Thursday, 22.August

    Fish Thursday

    Fish smoking and degustation i Jūrmala Open Air Museum. 

    2.January 09:00 - 31.December 17:00

    The permanent exhibition "Jūrmala fisherman's home in the 19th-20th centuries". Anchors and fishing boats collection, rope weaving workshop.

    • www.jbmuzejs.lv

    Jurmala has long been known not only for its natural medicinal resources but also with the ancient fishing villages in the Gulf of Riga. The main activity of Jurmala's ancient inhabitants was river and sea fishing.
    In 1992, the collective fishermen farm "Uzvara" was converted into a joint-stock company "Jūraslīcis". After the JSC's bankruptcy, the Jurmala City Council purchased the fishing museum's building and collection in 2002. From January 1st, 2003, it operates as a branch of the Museum of Jurmala - the Jurmala open-air museum, which is an important part of the cultural history of Jurmala and Latvia. The Jurmala Open Air Museum serves the public - its aim is to promote and explore the oldest occupation of Jurmala's population - the development of fishery in Jurmala and its immediate vicinity, as well as to preserve the fishing-related ethnographic buildings and the collection of historical evidence for future generations in the museum.


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