Resort rehabilitation centre "Jaunķemeri"

The resort rehabilitation centre Jaunķemeri offers a conference hall with the area of 240 m2 with 300 seats for organising business meetings, conferences and seminars. The resort rehabilitation centre is located in Jaunķemeri and it is famous for its mud treatments. Additionally the guests of the event may be offered various health improvement and leisure procedures as well as consultations of medical specialists and lectures.

The standard equipment includes Wi-Fi, screen, projector, DVD and CD player, microphones, portable computer and a podium.

Coffee breaks and lunch, as well as medical services, lectures given by RRC “Jauņķemeri” specialists and master-classes of healthy lifestyle. 

Title Area Theatre Classroom U-shape Meeting Round tables Banquet
Conference hall 240 300 - - - 100 150

Resort rehabilitation centre "Jaunķemeri"
Resort rehabilitation centre "Jaunķemeri"

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