Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to by Jūrmala entry pass.

Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns"

There are five routes of various levels available in the adventure park. The Blue Route is formed by obstacles that can be rather easily overcome and have been raised up to six metres above ground; the course is concluded by an 80-metres long wire track. The Red Route is formed at the height of up to 11 metres and includes the attractive "Tarzan's Jump" and riding a bicycle across the footbridge; the route includes approximately 13 obstacles. The Black Route is for those who have more strength because the route includes 14 very complex obstacles.

Adventure Park is equipped with the new generation safety system "Speedrunner" manufactured by the Swiss company "Kanopeo". The visitor of the park will be secured to the safety wire along the whole route, and it will make the whole adventure safe.

"Dzintari Forest Park" is located in Jurmala, Dzintari, the section between Meza Prospekts, Rembates Street and Madonas Street.

Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns"
Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns"
Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns"
Adventure park "Jūrmalas Tarzāns"

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