SPA and medicine

Nature has generously awarded Jūrmala with unique medicinal resources. Jūrmala is a balneological and a climatic resort - here you can find both healing mud, as well as a mild maritime climate combined with the pine forest air rich with phytoncides. Here the subsoil hides sulfurated, bromide and sodium chloride mineral water, which has created large underground reserves of therapeutic peat, and you can find precious sapropel mud in the lakes.

Jūrmala is known as a medical resort since the late 18th century, when the research of folk medicines such as hydrogen sulfide springs, peat and sapropel mud allowed to set up the first healing institutions in Ķemeri. Today the treatment institutions of the Jūrmala resorts offer a wide range of healing, rehabilitation and SPA services, and it is the ideal place for combining leisurely relaxation with healthcare.

Jūrmala's medical institutions are renowned for the quality of services and professional specialists.

The Jūrmala hospital offers diagnostic programs, leg vein treatment with laser surgeries, Bariatrics or stomach reduction surgery, maternity services in comfortable conditions, also offering water birth.

Jūrmala is home to the Global Virotherapy Cancer clinic where cancer is treated with the RIGVIR® virus. Oncolytic virotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses a virus which has the ability to find and destroy cancer cells in the human body.