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Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to buy Jūrmala entry pass from February 1.

Active recreation

The resort city of Jurmala allows you to enjoy many sporting activities completely anew. Because a morning jog on the beach it is much different from running in the city park, but a football match in the sand will bring unexpected moments even to an experienced footballer.  You will find a large variety of jogging and bicycle routes in the city, and you can turn the trip from the capital Riga to Jurmala itself into a real workout, treading the bicycle's pedals on a 20-kilometer long track. You will find pleasant relaxation swimming in the refreshing sea water or in the calm Lielupe River, where the water is usually warmer than in the sea.

In the winter Jurmala's beach turns into a snowy, 20-kilometer cross-country ski track; full of skiers are also the pine forest-covered dunes and sometimes even the frozen bends of the Lielupe River. In the cold season you can enjoy water pleasures in the Līvu aqua-park, which is recognized as the largest one in northern Europe, as well as in one of the many hotel SPA and pool complexes, where you can enjoy bathing in mineral waters or revisit the summer by swimming in a warm sea water pool.

One should not forget that Jurmala is also the Latvian capital of tennis. On Jurmala's open and closed courts you can enjoy the game with friends, as well as master new skills with an experienced trainer. Whereas in the Majori sports ground you can enjoy the pleasures of skating in both summer and winter - with roller skates or on ice.