Ragakāpa Nature Park

The area of the park is 150 hectares. Ragakapa Nature Park is a specially protected natural area formed in order to preserve the dunes covered with an ancient pine forests and biodiversity on the sea coast. Ragakapa, with the height of 17 meters, has been protected by the state since 1962.

In order to introduce visitors with the natural values of the territory, two nature trails have been established in the park. One of the trails runs through the pine forest, is about 2 km long and mostly consists of wooden boardwalks. There are also information stands and benches, and in its steepest places - stairs. Near the Open-Air Museum by the stairs you can also get to the other nature trail, which is managed by JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”.

The nature trail provides information about the park's biodiversity, the unusual history of the Ragakapa landscape, encountered plants, development of a natural old pine forest and the traces left by insects in the forest. The ever-changing ecosystem of the Nature Park is the only refuge of many rare species. Seven biotopes protected in the European Union were found there, including embryonic dunes, white dunes, forested coastal dunes and naturally developed old coniferous forests. Forested coastal dunes of Jurmala are specially protected biotope in Latvia. The park contains 21 specially protected species in Latvia: eight species of plants, one mushroom species, eight insects species and four species of birds. In the park grows a sand pink protected in the European Union, as well as stock dove, black woodpecker, wood lark and tawny pipit make their nests there. Considering the values of the Ragakapa Nature Park, it is included in the NATURA 2000 network of protected areas of the European Union.

Coordinates of the starting point 56.997493, 23.914860
Time required for observing ~2h
Working hours Open all year round
Price Free
Accessibility Not available for people with motor disabilities
Amenities At the beginning of the trail there is a parking lot.
Marking There is no special marking. The main route can be found by wooden walkways and dolomite rubble covering.
Type Linear

2 km long - wooden walkways, on the way back - land roads or seashore.

Caution! During rain and in winter, plank roads can be slippery.

How to get there

By car - through Vikingu Street to Tīklu Street, the car can be left in the parking lot at Jurmala Open-Air Museum on Tīklu Street 1a.

By bus-minibus No. 5 “Kemeri station-Buļļuciems”

Ragakāpa Nature Park
Ragakāpa Nature Park
Ragakāpa Nature Park
Ragakāpa Nature Park

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