Jurmala has a number of publically available football pitches with both natural and artificial surfaces, as well beach-areas for playing on the sand. Full-size fields, depending on the schedule, are available in Sloka and Kauguri with prior reservation - the Jurmala city stadium "Sloka" at the Sloka primary school, and as well as the sports field at the Kauguri secondary school.

It is true, however, that the fields are in high demand, and therefore larger and more ambitious football events should be scheduled in advance. Mini football fields are publically available in the Asari station playground, as well as the sports grounds near the Lielupe and Mezmala secondary schools. These areas are freely available to anyone interested. Also freely available are the beach football fields set up in Kauguri, Melluzi, and also on the beach between Majori and Bulduri.