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The Maternity Unit provides pre-labour, labour and post-labour care

  • Pre-labour care is provided by gynaecologists – labour specialists and stationary midwife. Consultations are provided and the necessary examinations are taken, the stationary midwife educates the young parents at trainings and provides consultations in cases of continuing pregnancy and pathologies.
  • At the Jūrmala Hospital the physiological labour is delivered by gynaecologist – labour specialist and midwife, as well as C-section surgeries are performed.
  • The Maternity Unit of the Jūrmala Hospital provides conditions for family labour, water labour and home labour at the hospital.
  • Post-labour care involves neonatologist and children’s nurses. If necessary, a physiotherapist is involved.

Labour care

  • Physiological labour
  • Family labour
  • Home labour at the hospital
  • Water labour
  • C-section surgery

Post-labour care

  • Routine check-ups by gynaecologist, labour specialist (if necessary, RTG, US and other examinations)
  • Daily visits by neonatologist and children’s nurse (breast-feeding consultations, health check-ups)
  • Intensive care of a newborn
  • Gynaecological surgeries and provision of other services related to gynaecology
  • Physiotherapist consultations – movement therapy for babies: Bobot therapy, handling
  • Consultations by neonatologist, paediatrician and children’s oculist
  • Neurosonography, echocardiogram and laboratory tests for children​