Diagnostics and general check-up programmes are the ones of medical services that are the most demanded by foreign medical tourists. The programmes help to assess the condition of all main organ systems in a short time without staying at the hospital. The Jūrmala Hospital offers you various types of diagnostics and check-up programmes in line with the operational specifics of the Hospital, considering the age, gender, wishes and complaints of the patient. The diagnostic programmes provide full or partial check-up of the body. The check-up might be of prophylactic nature and last several hours, or the check-up might be more complex and last one or several days. As a result the patient will obtain clear and full view of his / her health condition, diseases and can start treatment procedures.

Health check-ups and diagnostic programmes are most often classified as basic, standard and premium (advanced). The programmes have a price and a detailed list of services included therein that the patient would receive if purchasing the respective programme. Therefore the patient is aware of the level of detail of diagnostics and the planned expenses. The basic programmes usually include a consultation of general practitioner and a check-up of the key health condition indices, for example, laboratory tests, electrocardiography, RTG (chest x-ray), medical ultrasound of stomach and thyreoid gland, dopplerography of leg veins and arteries.

Patients are different. Sometimes they require an individual programme, consequently the standard check-up programme can be supplemented by individual tests and consultations, creating adjusted programme for a patient. Premium or advanced programmes provide additional tests, for example, laboratory, computed tomography (CT) and use of other specific medical technologies to examine the problem. It should be noted that several Latvian medical centres and clinics offer the latest technologies for diagnostics of diseases and health condition that provide opportunities to perform examination quickly and qualitatively, obtaining high definition visual three-dimensional images for diagnostics of organs and body parts. It is possible to perform full scanning of the body. It is suitable for people who take care of their health preventively and allows discovering pathologies as early as possible or assess an existent pathology. Moreover, such an examination is especially good for the oncology patients, as without a full scan it is not possible to detect early metastases. It is positive that this examination is not harmful for the human body.

Phlebology examinations are performed using duplex ultrasound scanning. During approximately 20 minutes it is detected how severely vein valves are damaged, the sections of the damaged veins are visible and it is concluded whether the veins have to be operated and whether the blood vessels are healthy and are only visually impaired. For diagnostics of complex cases phlebography of computed tomography is used that allows viewing the deep venous system. During the diagnostics a foreign patient can feel comfortable and safe as the doctors of the Jūrmala Hospital speak Russian and English fluently. They are professionals and this allows patients to trust the service and provides sense of safety. Without doubt the faster is diagnostics, the better chance to recover, regain strength and joy for life.