Ayurvedic massage

The massage is performed by a specially trained specialist using for each person individually selected ayurvedic oils. Since ayurvedic massage is different because it uses a large amount of oil, in many places it is often referred to as “oil massage”. This is one of the methods of ayurvedic treatment based on the concept of natural healing at both physical and mental levels. The massage improves blood flow and lymphatic reflux, relieves pain, improves the skin tone, sleep quality, helps to cope with mental and physical fatigue, facilitates toxin excretion, improves supply of tissues with oxygen, increases levels of the happy hormone – serotonin. Different types of ayurvedic massage are possible: Champi or head and upper body massage, Abhyanga (all-body massage), Marma Chikitsa (energy or marma point massage), Padabhyanga (lower leg and foot point massage), Sambahana massage (all-body massage), etc.


Ayurvedic massage: