Kemeri Resort Park

The landscape park of Kemeri with a network of winding tracks along Versupite river was projected and 1839 started to develop by Karlis Heinrich Vagner, a gardener of Riga. The development and improvement of the part was continuous during the next hundred years. After the erection of Kemeri hotel in year 1936, a symmetrical parterre with lawns, flower plantations and alleys was created in its western part. Walks in the park were deemed to be one of prerequisites for recovery of patients. Across the river Versupite there are multiple small bridges created with a names given such as: The Bridge of “Sighs”, Bridge of “Whims”, “Musical Bridge” etc. The Kemeri park is one of the oldest and major public parks in terms of covered area in Latvia outside Riga. In 30’s of the 20th century the total length of the walkways reached 15 km, and it was even possible to cross the river Versupite and canals with small dinghies.

Kemeri Resort Park
Kemeri Resort Park

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