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Winter SPA rituals at hotel "Kurshi Hotel & Spa"

We are glad to invite you to pamper yourself with warm and aromatic rituals for your body and soul:

“Touch of heat” – Oriental SPA ritual (90 min.) – 45,00 EUR / 1 person

“Chocolate flavor” – SPA ritual in Turkish steam bath (90 min.) – 63,00 EUR/ 1 person

“Winter fairy tale” – Overall SPA ritual (140 min.) – 85,00 EUR/ 1 person


SPA ritual “Touch of heat” – 90 min.

Price: 45,-EUR/ 1 person


  • Warming up in Turkish steam bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Body massage with hot stones (60 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Hot stone therapy is an old Oriental method of treatment.

Massage creates harmony and positive energy flow, especially when it is enhanced by the scent of essential oils. The massage has a great therapeutic effect: not only it relieves from stress and relaxes, it also improves the metabolism, blood and lymph circulation (excretes toxins), has a positive impact on cardiovascular, hormonal, digestive and muscular systems, relaxes tense muscles, reduces cramps. Positive impact of stone therapy helps to keep clean and radiating skin, and the oil used during the massage makes it soft and smooth. Stone massage has a harmonizing and purifying effect which creates mental and physical balance.


“Chocolate flavor” – SPA ritual in Turkish steam bath – 90 min.

Price: 63,-EUR/ 1 person

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Body skin cleansing with “kese” glove in Hammam (30 min.)
  • Natural chocolate body wrapping in Hammam (30 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

Ritual starts with nice warm up in sauna and Turkish steam bath. After body has warmed up, SPA specialist will make full body peeling with special kessa glow in Hamam (steam bath). This treatment gently removes dead skin cells, leaves skin smooth and silky soft, improves blod circulation, relax and prepare skin and body for chocolate wrapping. Caffeine, according to experts, stimulates blood circulation in the body, prevents swelling and promotes strengthening of fat breakdown. Thanks to all of the above skin becomes elastic. In addition to caffeine, chocolate contains important substances such as theobromine and theophylline, which provide skin lifting effect. It is known for a long time that the taste and aroma of chocolate restore emotional balance and has anti-stress effect!


“Winter fairy tale” – Overall SPA ritual – 140 min.

Price: 85,-EUR/ 1 person

  • Warming up in Turkish bath and sauna (30 min.)
  • Warming body peeling with cinnamon, clove and ginger oils (30 min.)
  • Relaxing full body massage with magical aroma of Christmas (60 min.)
  • Soothing face massage or head massage (20 min.)
  • Recreation with a cup of tea

This magical ritual combines massage techniques and the charm of natural aromas. Our special body peeling contains high quality cinnamon, clove, ginger and vanilla essential oils to help restore inner resources by gently calming the body, mind and soul. The active ingredients of essential oils will bring firmness, tone and  stimulate the metabolism of the skin. Deeply relaxing massage with grapefruit essential oil will help You to indulge in truly deep relaxation, calm down the mind, improve the mood and overall well-being, awakening the inner resources. Pleasant facial or head massage at the end of the ritual brings relaxation and peace.

Winter SPA rituals at hotel "Kurshi Hotel & Spa"

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