Benjamin J Sperry
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Forests and dunes in the city

Jūrmala is one of the few cities in Europe where one can not only breathe fresh seaside air but also enjoy the natural aromatherapy provided by pine forests. A third of the city’s area is forested, and in most places the beach is hidden behind a belt of pine-covered dunes. Here the forest has literally entered the city, bringing with it  a sense of calm and harmony as well as a very welcome feeling of balance to the inhabitants and guests alike.  One of Jūrmala’s gems is Ķemeri National Park with its 8000-yearold mossy high marshes untouched by human industry. 97 species of protected plants and almost 260 of Latvia’s 342 bird species can be found in the park, among them such rare birds as the Black stork, the Lesser spotted eagle, the Whitetailed eagle and the White-backed woodpecker.