Benjamin J Sperry
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Northern Riviera

Jūrmala is often called the “Northern Riviera”. Similarly to the Vidzeme coastal resort area northeast of Riga, Jūrmala was formed by uniting several older fishing villages and swimming settlements. Similarly to  the French Riviera, the opening of a railway line in the second half of  the 19th century – which today runs the whole length of Jūrmala and right through its heart – promoted greater numbers of visitors to the area and helped the spa culture to flourish. Over the years, the “Northern Riviera” feeling in Jūrmala has only grown stronger. Today Jūrmala is one of the few oases from the stress and chaos  of our age, where one can still find that rare luxury of harmony between nature and the urban environment. The sea, the wind and stands of majestic pines calmly coexist alongside a vibrant cultural scene, a combination that inspires, refreshes and enriches all who spend time here.