Spa treatments, pools with mineral water and active recreation

Jurmala thrives on a land rich in mineral water springs: legendary muds and sulphur water, bromine and sodium chloride springs in the past spa houses of the town and in the present day spa centres have been used to improve health over 180 years with the first spa house in Latvia opened in Kemeri. Presently Jurmala has numerous spa hotels and several sanatoriums with a wide range of treatments and various pools, and it offers every possibility for practising recreational sports on water and on land.

  • Exceptional air, thanks to essential oils of the pine forest and the ionised sea air, makes up the fortune of Jurmala and is a corner stone of health. Forests cover a third of the urban area of the city. A deep breath is the mantra of Jurmala. It is no secret that movements involving waves of hands improve the health of lungs, thus nature trails and active exercising along the shore of the sea is a great way to take care of one's body. Fresh air improves brain activity too and recreation in Jurmala could inspire for new ideas.


  • Spa hotels and pools let one improve one's health in Jurmala regardless of the season. Most of hotels in Jurmala are also spa centres offering a wide range of treatments. Jurmala has pools of various sizes at hotels, fitness centres and sanatoriums – filled with warm seawater, mineral water and minimally chlorinated water.


  • Active recreation is a great way to spend free time taking care of oneself and one's family at the same time. The activities of “Jūrmalas Tarzāns” Adventure Park situated in Dzintari Forest Park pines let visitors test their courage regardless of age, “Līvu Akvaparks” attractions will entertain children and adults and transfer them into a tropical climate. The coast of the sea invites for a long walk or a ride on a bicycle  – the city has bicycle rental and in some hotels it is possible to rent equipment for Nordic walking. On the green fields of Jūrmala Golf Club & Hotel visitors can play golf, but tennis and squash can be played at the most contemporary tennis centre in the Baltic states “Lielupe”. Visitors and holidaymakers can play volleyball, football, beach tennis on the beach, engage in wakeboarding, water-skiing, rowing on a stand up paddle board or kayak on water.