Rules of public order on the beach

In the central city beaches, swimming areas and the dune strip it is FORBIDDEN:

  • to walk the dogs or other pets;
  • to set up tents and to make overnight accommodation;
  • to make a fire or using a grill;
  • to windsurf, surf and kiteboard anywhere, except specially designated places
  • to enter the beach and ride the motor vehicles, mopeds, electrical scooters or electrical bicycles, which power is more then 0,25 KW;
  • to leave any waste, bury it in the sand or throw into the water;
  • to drive motorboats, water motorcycles, boats, SUP boards and other water vehicles in the water territory designated with signs for swimming;
  • to use radio-controlled aircraft (helicopters, drones or other devices);
  • to sell and consume alcoholic drinks, except for beach cafes
  • to use any glassware;
  • smoking on the beach is allowed only in the specially allocated places marked with the information sign "smoking is allowed";
  • to swim under the influence of intoxicating or psychotropic substances;
  • to swim further than the fencing signs (buoys) and specially created water corridors fenced with buoys;
  • children under the age of 12 are not allowed to swim without parental supervision.
  • to swim if the information sign "swimming is prohibited" is posted - a red flag is raised in the mast of the swimming place;
  • to settle trailers, moving saunas and other similar constructions;
  • to settle shooting grounds and inflatable playgrounds;
  • to change the landscape, dig and take away the sand from the beach.