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Golden autumn in the historical Ķemeri park in Jūrmala

Currently, the renovated, 20 hectares large historical park of Ķemeri in the Latvian resort town Jūrmala offers its visitors a very special atmosphere. Autumn colours the leaves in yellow, orange and red tones. Hundreds of hortensias and other plants are in bloom.

The Ķemeri park is more than 180 years old. It was designed in 1839 and later developed by Kārlis Heinrihs Vāgners, a landscape gardener from the capital of Latvia, Riga. The park was created for the guests of the medical facilities of the formerly famous Ķemeri resort — for walks and relaxation. Outside Riga, the Ķemeri park is the oldest and largest public garden in Latvia, it is rich in natural resources, and the valuable sulphur water is still available in the park. Because of the healing properties of sulphur water, a resort was established in Ķemeri. Initially, patients were admitted at the home of a local forester in Ķemeri, where sulphur water was brought from springs in buckets and barrels, then heated up and offered for swimming in hot tubs made of oak. Later, at the end of the 19th century, sulphur water and mud bath facilities were established, and a leisure park was founded. Nowadays, in Ķemeri you can enjoy nature, a completely renovated park, and the historical Ķemeri sanatorium is waiting for its rebirth.

A network of walking paths leads through the beautiful park with a small river with 12 bridges. The romantic Love islet with a pavilion-rotunda is one of the most popular objects of the park. There is a café set up this autumn. In the park, next to Vēršupīte, there is a stone sculpture ‘Ķirzaciņa’ (‘Little Lizard’) and sulphur water spring flows out of it.

In autumn in Ķemeri, you can enjoy the charm of the historical park, climb the 42-meter high water tower, which is a part of Latvia’s industrial heritage and architectural monument of national importance. Visitors have access to two observation decks at a height of 12 and 42 meters. There is a wonderful view of the golden surroundings of Ķemeri.

The Ķemeri Water Tower is open to visitors until 30 October, every day from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Visit is free of charge. For additional fee, you can book a tour in the renovated Ķemeri leisure park and Water Tower all year round. The tour can be booked via phone: +371 29126551. Please note that visiting the upper observation deck (42 m) is possible only with a prior reservation that can be made here.

The historical park of Ķemeri was restored last summer by Jūrmala municipality, investing in total of 9.5 million euros. The European Regional Development Fund (ERAF) co-financing was used for the renovation of the park which was opened last summer. It has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jūrmala.