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TOP 7 Things to See in Jūrmala in Winter

Jūrmala does not sleep in winter as it would seem to somebody just passing through! To dispel this misleading impression Jūrmala Tourism Information Centre has created a guide through Jūrmala in winter.

Christmas decorations in Jūrmala

This year the city's main Christmas tree (approximately twelve metres high) is located opposite Majori parking lot, at the beginning of the pedestrian street — Jomas Street — popular among inhabitants and guests of Jūrmala.
Festive lighting in the form of stylized Latvian ornaments on the streets and bridges of the city and free-standing Christmas decorations in various locations in the city add to the festive mood. Lighting masts along Jomas street have bright light decorations for almost two kilometres.


Christmas Festival in Dzintari

Until 7 January Christmas Festival takes place at Dzintari Concert Hall offering to art lovers a beautiful and diverse music programme. Concerts will be given by Latvian and foreign artists, including Raimonds Pauls (Raimonds Pauls), Latvian Radio Big Band, Daumants Kalnins (Daumants Kalniņš) along with pianist Andrejs Osokins (Andrejs Osokins), the talented saxophonist Aigars Raumanis and the experienced music director of Riga Cathedral and the Cathedral’s organist Aigars Reinis and Kaspars Zemitis (Kaspars Zemītis) participate in some concert programs. A detailed programme of the festival is available at — Christmas Festival.

A relaxed weekend breakfast for gourmands of Jūrmala

The relaxed weekend branches many have learned to like in recent years are also available in the best restaurants in Jūrmala! This is a great way to spend time with your family and friends enjoying the pine tree aroma and sea air of Jūrmala at the same time.  Each Saturday and Sunday restaurants in Jūrmala "Majorenhoff""House of Light", "Zelta Teļš""Lokāls Veranda", offer rich breakfast buffets with classic breakfast foods, meat and fish dishes, including light soups, and tempting desserts with delicious coffee at the end of the meal. 

Active recreation

An orienteering game for the entire family

In winter Jūrmala could appear fallen into winter sleep and awaiting the spring to somebody just passing through! To dispel this misleading impression Jūrmala Tourism Information Centre has created another outdoor orienteering game for the entire family that will help visitors learn more about the history and architecture of Bulduri. 

Hiking trails

Hiking trails in the historical Ķemeri Park and  Ragakāpa Park are open to visitors all year round. These are the most popular walk and hiking trails in Jūrmala we are  very proud. The natural beauty of Ragakāpa wild  trail and Ķemeri Landscape Park, which  was created by landscape architect - gardener Karl Heinrich Wagner, (Kārlis Heinrihs Vāgners) can be enjoyed in winter and in summer alike. We definitely advise to set aside time to enjoy the wintry landscape on a walk along  Sloka Lake Nature Trail.