14.June - 11.July
2.January - 31.December

Permanent exhibition "Child in a resort"

  • 2.January - 31.December
  • Tirgoņu iela 29

The exhibition consists of children's toys, books, games, clothing and beach accessories from the Jurmala CityMmuseum collections. The exhibition will not only let you observe the games but also to participate in them. The youngest visitors will have a chance to immerse themselves in the beach atmosphere and build sand castles. The exhibition covers the time period from the late 19th century to the present day, demonstrating the children's entertainment and hobbies at the resort.
Most of the objects on display at the exhibition are carefully preserved childhood artefacts - donated to the museum by the inhabitants of Riga and Jurmala. Most of them are exhibited for public viewing for the first time. 

2.January 09:00 - 31.December 17:00

The permanent exhibition "Jūrmala fisherman's home in the 19th-20th centuries". Anchors and fishing boats collection, rope weaving workshop.

  • 2.January 09:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Tīklu iela 1a

Jurmala has long been known not only for its natural medicinal resources but also with the ancient fishing villages in the Gulf of Riga. The main activity of Jurmala's ancient inhabitants was river and sea fishing.
In 1992, the collective fishermen farm "Uzvara" was converted into a joint-stock company "Jūraslīcis". After the JSC's bankruptcy, the Jurmala City Council purchased the fishing museum's building and collection in 2002. From January 1st, 2003, it operates as a branch of the Museum of Jurmala - the Jurmala open-air museum, which is an important part of the cultural history of Jurmala and Latvia. The Jurmala Open Air Museum serves the public - its aim is to promote and explore the oldest occupation of Jurmala's population - the development of fishery in Jurmala and its immediate vicinity, as well as to preserve the fishing-related ethnographic buildings and the collection of historical evidence for future generations in the museum.

3.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00

Permanent interactive exhibition "Aspasia returns to Dubulti"

  • 3.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Aspazijas māja

1.January 10:00 - 30.December 17:00
1.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00

Multimedia exposition "Room of Rainis. Spaciousness. Depth. Infinity."

  • 1.January 10:00 - 31.December 17:00
  • Tirgoņu iela 29
1.January 10:00 - 31.December 18:00

Permanent historical exposition "Home of a creative personality in Jūrmala, 1933 - 1943."

  • 1.January 10:00 - 31.December 18:00
  • Z. Meierovica prospekts 18/20

This two-story wooden summerhouse is where Aspazija spent the last ten years of her life. The renewed exhibition features Aspazija's large dining room and guest lounge with a richly decorated tiled stove, floral furniture and an antique radio, where you can hear Aspazija's voice, recorded at the end of the 1930ties. A narrow wooden staircase leads to Aspazija's study where several items of the writer's original furniture have been preserved.

The house, in which the Latvian poet Aspasia spent her life's final years, is a wooden architectural and historical monument of national importance. The house was built in 1903, and it attracts attention with its facade's diverse finishes. In 1996 Aspazija's house was opened to the public as the poet's memorial site and the city Museum's branch.

1.January 17:00 - 31.December 17:00

Exposition "You and me"