Ana Moura - diva of fado


Ana Moura - diva of fado

  • 30.June
  • 20:00
  • Turaides ielā 1

Ana Moura (Potugal) - diva of fado and her ensemble!

A voice always inhabited by the spirit of fado, this music full of spirituality which is not less physical and from where burst out nuances of the more intimate feelings which only require to be set free and sung. Delightful.

There is no other voice in Fado quite like Ana Moura. A voice that strolls freely through tradition but flirts elegantly with pop music, broadening the spectrum of Fado, so typical of Lisbon, in a very personal way. But what sets her apart is not only the low-pitched and sensual tone, so unique – Ana Moura instantaneously transforms any melody to which she lends her voice, into Fado. It’s an immediate spark, an emotional explosion aimed ruthlessly to the listener’s heart.


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