Benjamin J Sperry
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10 Things to Do in Jurmala

To make a trip to Jūrmala even more comfortable and interesting, we offer ready-made ideas on how to spend your time in the biggest resort city of the Baltics. A day in Jūrmala is always a good idea!

Climb the viewing tower of the Dzintari Forest Park

The viewing tower in Dzintari Forest Park is the highest point of free access in the centre of Jurmala whereof a wonderful landscape of Jurmala can be observed. The viewing platform of the tower is located at the height of 33.5 m above the ground and is hiding among tall pine trees in the most popular walking park of the city. Here children can play in playgrounds, ride with electro-cars, but roller skaters and skaters can enjoy a smooth ride on the pavement equipped specifically for the roller skaters or challenge their strength in the skate-park.

Take a walk on the lit beach trail

On the Dzintari and Majori beach you can find a lit wooden walking trail, that will take you on approximately one kilometre long walk along the coast of the Baltic sea. Here also mums with children still in the pram will feel comfortable. If you head in the direction away from Dzintari Concert Hall, accessing the trail by Turaidas Street, you can finish the walk with the photo by the Turtle of Jurmala – a huge metal turtle sculpture that is looking at the sea already for 22 years.

Drink a cup of coffee in the bar “Seaside”, while observing the panorama of Jurmala

To warm up after a walk on the beach or Jomas Street, we suggest that you visit the cocktail bar “Seaside” in “Hotel Jurmala SPA”, which finds itself on the 11th floor – so high, that a magnificent view of the city opens up through the wide windows. Everyone is invited to taste tasty snacks and exquisite cocktails.  

Learn to tie a sailors` knot in the Jurmala open-air museum

The museum is located at the foot of the dune “Ragakapa” revealing the daily life of fishermen at the turn of the 20th century. Here, you can climb on the decks of two authentic fishing boats, but by making an advance reservation, try your skills at the rope-making workshop, and visit authentic houses of fishermen. Around noon on Thursdays in summer, the museum offers a pleasant surprise to gourmets, as it hosts fish-smoking events where local fishermen show and tell about the traditional ways to smoke fish, inviting the guests to try the product.

Find cats in the house of Aspazija

Families will find it interesting to explore the interactive exposition “Aspazija returns to Dubulti”. It consists of ten elements, among which one can find three virtual characters in the form of holograms – Aspazija and two cats that have knowingly hidden. With the new generation gaming devices the table in the living-room of Aspazija has been brought to life, where the visitors can enjoy six interactive games connected with the life and creative work of the poet.

Climb the Sloka lake observation tower

The spring is here, birds return to their summer homes and Sloka lake observation tower is especially suitable place for bird watching. Several protected bird species make their nests in the Sloka lake and it is an important resting place for migrating birds. That is why Sloka lake is a good bird watching place, especially in the spring and autumn bird migration periods. For observation of birds there is a special birdwatching tower placed at the bank of Sloka lake. Next to the tower leads also Sloka lake nature trail that will take you on 3.1 km walk along the bank of the lake and through the forest. 

Enjoy an ice cream, while walking along Jomas Street

Almost every city has it`s pedestrian street, for Jurmala it is Jomas Street, whose name is a proof of that still in the middle of 19th century all the territory of Jurmala was a row of inlets (lowlands, created by the wind) parallel to the sea. On 1899 there was a desire to rename Jomas Street and to call it Puskina Street, but Baron Firks filed a complaint in the senate of Russia, that retained the previous name. Historically shops, restaurants and cafes were located along the street. Since 1987 the street is a pedestrian street which is considered to be the most popular street in Jurmala, place where one can go for a walk, buy souvenirs take a meal or find a “gem” in the small and cosy shops!

Take the black slide in “Livu Akvaparks”

Undoubtedly “Livu Akvaparks” is one of the most popular recreation and entertainment places for families with children. Everyone will feel great here, either small kid or elderly visitor, because besides the slides there are saunas, swimming pools, bubble baths, underwater bar and underwater fitness equipment in the aquapark. There are plenty of slides, but the black one is equipped with a new, dynamic sound and light system and now has become a real challenge of the coordination and orientation abilities of the visitors. Star road, flashes and unexpected turns, where sounds of tropical forest, wild tribes and other interesting sounds will surprise you. To experience it all - you definitely have to come more than once.

Have a dinner by the sea

In Jurmala there is an exclusive opportunity to have a dinner while watching and listening to the sea. Of course you will be closer to the sea, if you organize a family picnic at the very sea shore, but for those, who love comfort and do not love taking sand out of their shoes will be welcome at one of the restaurants by the sea. One can visit “36. line” in Bulduri, “Lighthouse” in Dzintari, “Il Sole” and “View” in Majori, “Orrizonte” in Dubulti and “Kūriņš” in Kauguri.

Watch the sunset in Kemeri moorland trail

Kemeri moorland is a real oasis – when entering it one gets the surreal feeling that nothing else exists as the city noise vanishes here – sounds of the cars driving, people chatting … in the bog there is only – marsh, little pools, plants and birds. The marsh is about 8000 years old and there a wooden board trail has been made in the form similar to number eight, consisting of two circles. It is possible to choose the closest “small” circle 1.4 km in length, or walk the whole route – 3.4 km. The highlight of the biggest circle is a view tower whereof opens a view to the labyrinth of small pools in the marsh, which creates a special landscape.   The exceptional magic is given to the landscape with the light of sunrise and sunset – it definitely has to be experienced!