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Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to by Jūrmala entry pass.


Active recreation in Jūrmala

Summer is the right time to enjoy healthy recreation. Light clothing, warm days, long and light evenings – sun, water and forest. Everyone will find a type of recreation most suited for themselves in Jūrmala.

Family holidays in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is a place of exploring and adventure for both adults and children, so lets meet this summer in Jūrmala…

Entrance fee for vehicles

Starting from 1 April 2020, for vehicles entering Jūrmala, the EUR 2 entry fee will be resumed. The municipality kindly asks drivers not to overcrowd the pass purchase points in Priedaine and Vaivari, but to purchase passes electronically at the www.visitjurmala.lv website or through the “Mobilly”, “Citadele” and “Riga Card” applicationsYou can also pay the entrance fee at the pass purchase machines in the four locations in the city: at the supermarket “Rimi” in Lielupe, at the Dzintari Concert Hall, at the Majori parking lot or at the Dubulti station.

Enjoy active recreation in Jūrmala

Sunny and warm spring days are the best time for active recreation and Jūrmala has some ideas for you! Get to know city and go for a bike ride, throw zigzags in river Lielupe with boat, climb on the tops of pine trees or challenge the best results in golf and tennis.
Remember,when visiting public sites, be responsible!

Enjoy delicious meal in Jūrmala

Taking into account the existing restrictions and all security measures, several restaurants and cafes in Jūrmala are open, which offer to enjoy a meal on site or place an order to take away.
When visiting a restaurant or cafe, please be responsible and stay safe! 

Welcome spring in Jūrmala

Leave the New Year’s eve fireworks and champagne behind, spring is the real new beginning! Clear skies, more sun, birdsong, early flowers and warmer air that excites the senses.
This is the most touching season, a time when we emerge from our winter coats like budding leaves. The full gamut of spring can be enjoyed in Jūrmala, where a short stroll is all that separates you from wild nature and conifer forests, Lielupe and the Baltic Sea, flowerbed squares and sunlight-dried cobblestone paths leading to the season’s first few terrace cafés. The harmony of city and nature is Jūrmala’s love story. Come fall in love!

Jūrmala Loves Holidays For Two

This year February 14 falls on a Friday, and the sun will set shortly after 5 PM in Jūrmala. If the clouds will have dissolved, Valentine's day is likely to have a pink sunset to watch with your other half on a beach, the scenic river bank of Lielupe, in a canoe, gliding across the lake of The Great Ķemeri bog or from the comfort of a hotel room balcony, admiring the play of colours in water and sky. Jūrmala, the oasis of a romantic epoch on the shores of The Baltic Sea only around ten kilometres from Riga, is just the right place for celebrating love on Valentine's Day. The city's hotels and restaurants have prepared unforgettable holiday offers at affordable prices.

Family vacation in Jūrmala

Autumn in Jūrmala is characterised by flushed cheeks under a scarf, coat pockets bursting with brown, shining chestnuts, rose hips and seashells tossed ashore by storms, as well as a little sand in your boots, because the seaside is still yours. Rust-coloured pine needles clinging to your hat and some fragrant resin in your mittens. Jūrmala is a place of exploring and adventure for both adults and children alike.

Jūrmala Invites to the Light fest in Dzintari Forest Park on the 1st of December

This will be the third year when people can visit Jūrmala to see light sculptures and decorations made of thousands of LED light strings in Dzintari Forest Park. Thre Light fest will open on the 1st of December with a musical entertaining event for families with children. The event in Dzintari Forest Park will take place from 16:00 to 19:00.

Recharge Yourself in Jūrmala

Only half an hour drive away from the centre of Riga you can tune into completely different vibrations — in the seaside resort Jūrmala washed by the waves of the Baltic Sea. City beaches, paved streets, pine forests and buildings with glass verandas cover a narrow peninsula. On the map, it seems to be neatly stretched between the Gulf of Riga and the river Lielupe. Autumn is the time when the harmonious soul of the city wakes up, and it is tempting to walk all over Jūrmala and after the walk dive into steamy spas.

9 ways to explore Jūrmala

In order to make recreation in Jūrmala more convenient and more interesting, we offer ideas on how you can spend your time in the largest resort town in the Baltics. Here your day will never go wrong!

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Jurmala

The largest beach volleyball tournament in Latvia so far is going to take place from 22 to 25 August, in Jūrmala beach sands in Majori. In the upcoming World Cup stage, Latvian beach volleyball fans will have a chance to watch beach volleyball stars not only from Europe, but also from all around the world. 

SUMMERTIME 2019 - Inese Galante & friends

One of the most famous international music festivals in Latvia "Summertime – Inese Galante & friends", will mark its 15th anniversary this summer, from 5 to 11 August. 


On August 9 and 10, the night expedition “DON’T TELL STORIES” will take place in Jūrmala, Dzintari Fortest Park.

Sea Festival

On June 13, at Melluži Open air stage Jūrama city residents and guests are welcomed to Sea Festival. 

Jomas Street Festival on July 6

During the weekend, on July 6, the Jomas Street Festival will be held in Jūrmala for the twentieth time in a row. Guests are welcome to enjoy musical performances at several locations throughout the Jomas street and an exciting children's entertainment programme at Horna garden. For the delight of the festival guests, a folk-dance festival „Soļi smiltīs” (Steps in the Sand) will take place at the Majori parking area, with the biggest ever performance of the traditional Latvian dance “Gatves Deja” in Jūrmala. The evening will continue with an open-air dance ball in the tunes of the Raita Ašmaņa Big Band and soloists. 

Traffic information during the Jūrmala Resort Festival

For the period from May 22 to 26, a number of changes in the traffic organization of Jūrmala have been introduced: restrictions on car parking, additional train journeys and free city bus rides for the convenience of visitors. Safe bicycle parking is also available, free of charge. As announced before, the Resort Festival will be held in Jūrmala on Saturday, May 25.

Time for Summer in Jūrmala! Resort Festival to be Celebrated on May 25

On May 25, the beginning of resort summer will be celebrated in Latvian summer capital Jūrmala. Jūrmala invites to experience the largest Ice-cream Festival in Latvia, to get inspired by the best street dancers “Ghetto Dance”, to enjoy street food connoisseur meals, to rest on the beach, while listening to the concerts of “Ewert and The Two Dragons”, “Bermudu divstūris”, hip hop artist Ansis and other musicians and groups. The festival shall be concluded on the beach with the performances of legendary rock musician Suzi Quatro and Latvian rock group “Pērkons”.

Picnic in Ķemeri

On May 5, at 11:00 – 16:00 Jūrmala city welcomes everyone to the Big Picnic in the wood of Ķemeri district in Jūrmala. 

Entertainment for kids and peaceful rest for parents

Going to a restaurant or spa centre with children, or organising a children’s birthday party can be quite the challenge for parents. In Jūrmala, more and more businesses are offering entertainment possibilities for kids, so that mums and dads can take their time to dine, relax or shop.

Spend Valentine’s Day in Jūrmala

As we rush from day to day, Valentine’s Day reminds us to slow down and recall the truly important things in life. Enjoy the moment with your loved one in Jūrmala, which may well be the most romantic city in Latvia.

The most popular SPA & wellness procedures this winter

During the winter season, when the icy cold air freezes the nose and toes, it is especially pleasing to relax in the warmth of the aromatic bath, feel the peace of water procedures and enjoy the care of caring hands.

Top 5 swimming pools and water recreation places in Jūrmala

Swimming not only relaxes and relieves muscles, but also calms the mind and strengthens the immune system, so swimming pool visit can be a great activity for health improvement.
Jūrmala offers wide range of opportunities to improve well-being by relaxing at swimming pools and saunas. You can choose different types of pools – with mineral water or sea water, as well as various saunas - Russian, Turkish, Finnish sauna etc.

Winter holidays in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is one of the most suitable places for the children to relax and gain health not only in summer time, but also in winter. To regenerate and recover for school, take a long walks in fresh air or enjoy peaceful family time in one of the various Jūrmala SPA pools and sauna.

Winter fest in Dzintari forest park

Welcome New Year’s first day in a fun and festive atmosphere.

The Park of Light in Jūrmala

In the Dzintari Forest Park in Jūrmala was opened The Largest Park of Light in Latvia.

Autumn family vacation in Jurmala

Seaside resort Jurmala is especially beautiful in autumn, when the peace of slow walks along the beach, fresh sea breeze, sunrays on the wooden lace of the historical houses and a strong desire to slow down the pace and get some cultural and artistic experience is vibing in the air.

Latvia's Circle of Honor Festival

Throughout the year we are celebrating the Latvia’s State Centenary by the Latvia’s Circle of Honor Festival travelling through the municipalities of Latvia and spending each weekend in another municipality.

Take part in MTB cycling race

MTB cycling race will take place on the 6th of October.

Electric Run Jūrmala

Jūrmala invites to enjoy "Electric run" on 29th September.

3rd International Baltic Sea Choir Competition in Jūrmala

From 21-23 September the 3rd International Baltic Sea Choir Contest will be held in Dzintari Concert Hall – a unique international amateur choral competition of this scale, which is organized in Latvia. This year's competition will be attended by internationally acclaimed choirs from Finland, Iceland, Indonesia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus.

15th Kremerata Baltica festival

Dzintari concert hall invites You to enjoy 15th Kremerata Baltica festival, dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Latvia. 

KUKŪ feast in the Art Station Dubulti

KUKŪ feast on Saturday, September 8th, from 4 to 8 pm is the fifth event of the “Latvian Hanging Gardens” & White Night at the Art Station Dubulti. In her final event of the “Latvian Hanging Gardens” artist Agnese Bule is making the special commentary on Anne Duk Hee Jordan’s installations “Ziggy and the Starfish” and “Changing Sex in Ecology“. Participants of the heppening will be invited to do form swap for the tree leaves. Snacks from the KUKŪ-popcorn-machine, "Latvian Dream" souvenir table.

Jūrmala invites to the festival in Kauguri on 1st of September

For the fourth year Jūrmala invites to celebrate the beginning of September in Kauguri - on 1st of September, the Kauguri festival will be celebrated in the resort town. On the evening of Kauguri celebration at the concert will perform charming Ukrainian singer Jolka (Ёлка). With their special concert program, on the Kauguri stage will join town’s favourite singer Intars Busulis and "Abonementa orķestris". At the concert will also be the hip-hop association "Olas".  With autumn touch in the event you can enjoy an extreme bike show, a humorous stand-up show as well as a variety of activities for children and juveniles. At the end of the celebration  amazing fireworks. Entrance to all events will be free of charge.

The 19th Annual Parade of Retro Cars “Retro Jurmala – 2018” will take place in Jurmala

On Saturday, 25 August, two hundred antique cars from more than 10 countries will move in a grandiose parade along the streets of the main resort town of Latvia. Jointly with Jurmala City Council, this event is supported by Rietumu Bank Charity Fund.

International Organ Music Festival Vox angelica

For the eleventh year in a row, the International organ music festival Vox Angelica will take place in Dubulti church, Jūrmala.

Music festival "Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends"

14th international music festival "Summertime – Inese Galante & Friends" from August 9 to 12 and 14 to 15, traditionally will become the culmination of this summer’s concert season in Jurmala. This year, the festival’s programme will pleasantly surprise all of its constant guests with new performances and interesting interpretations of well-known compositions, thus certainly conquering a new audience.

Night family expedition “Don’t tell stories!”

August 10 and 11 in Jurmala, in Dzintari Forest park at 20:00 – 00:00.

19th International Ballet Festival. Ballet Stars in Jūrmala

On Saturday, August 4th, in Jurmala, Dzintari Concert Hall will be held 19th International Ballet Festival.

In Jūrmala City will take place Europea Beach Volleyball Championship

For the fifth time in a row, from July 26 to 29, Jūrmala City will become a home for a grand international tournament - European Beach Volleyball Championship. For medals win compete most talented beach volleyball players who are up to age 22

Jūrmala Festival 2018 at Dzintari Concert Hall

From 24 to 28 July, Jūrmala Festival will delight the audience with five beautiful concerts at Dzintari Concert Hall. Aleksandr Antonenko, the honoured artist of the festival together with locally and internationally renowned artists Kristīne Opolais, Ksenija Sidorova, Egils Siliņš, Alisa Zinovjeva, the Osokins, Vineta Sareika, Daniil Bulayev, conductor Ainārs Rubiķis, Jūrmala Festival Orchestra and other artists will take the audience on an unforgettable musical summer experience at Dzintari Concert Hall.

Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala at Dzintari Concert Hall

The most fascinating musical encounter of the summer, the spectacular and romantic festival Laima Rendezvous Jūrmala 2018 will be taking place at Dzintari Concert Hall from July 19th to 22nd. This year, the festival will feature several thematic evenings – the splendid Opening, the Night of Love, Greatest Hits, and the great Gala Concert.

Interactive lecture with legendary movie director David Lynch

"Jūrmala Art Fair" offers - for the first time in Latvia will be held an interactive lecture with legendary movie director David Lynch.

Cucumbering at the Art Station Dubulti

On Saturday, July 21st, from 12 to 6 in the afternoon at the Art Station Dubulti the third event of Agnese Bule's "Latvian Hanging Gardens" – "Cucumbering" – will take place. 

Jomas Street Fest on July 14

Festival of Joma’s street celebrates the main street of Jūrmala – Jomas street. A delightful programme includes theatre productions, music performances, exciting cultural and entertainment activities including creative workshops for children. The evening will conclude at the Majori parking lot with lively music and dance beats

Latvian Hanging Gardens at the Art Station Dubulti

On Saturday, 7 July come to the Art Station Dubulti, where from 12 PM to 3 PM RIBOCA’s Public Programme is taking place with artist Agnese Bule. Agnese Bule will hold her 2nd event at the “Latvian Hanging Gardens”. She will invite you on her “Latvian tour” at the “Ambereum” by Viron Erol Vert, will collect the rejoicement of your voice and will provoke you to take images with the “Up To My Neck Brooch”.

Program of the biggest summer events in Jurmala

In the summer, Jūrmala invites to enjoy a wide range of events - festivals in the city, excellent classical and popular music concerts in Dzintari Concert Hall, sports and entertainment events throughout the city.

Vienna Philharmonics and Elīna Garanča in Concert hall Dzintari

Jūrmala residents and guests are invited to the concluding concert of the Riga Festival in Dzintari Concert Hall on 20th  of June at 20.00.

Gourmet Fair 2018

Gourmet Fair 2018. June, 16th. Jūrmala, Legend. 12:00-17:00

The World Cup in street gymnastics will take place in Jūrmala

On Saturday, June 16, at 14:00 the World Cup in street gymnastics will take place at Majori beach. The event will bring together the 20 best street gymnasts from 10 countries.

37th International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition

From 3 to 10 June in the Dzintari Concert Hall in Latvia for the first time there will be the finale of the 37th International Hans Gabor Belvedere Young Opera Soloist Competition.

Challenges of Contemporary Art at the exhibition "Sensorijs" at "Art Station Dubulti"

On 2nd of June will be held Public opening of the Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art. Within the framework of the event there will be special live programme by artists in Jurmala.

Dzintari Concert Hall Summer Season Opening Concert

2nd of June at 20.00 Raimonds Pauls and Lаtvian Radio Big Bаnd Dedication to the Latvia's State Centenary

Jurmala City invites to the Resort Festival on May 26

The wide holiday program of the resort will mark the beginning of summer in Jurmala on May 26. Jurmala invites you to visit the largest Ice Cream Festival in Latvia, to watch International Circus and Dance Theater performances, Street dance competitions, to participate in Salsa and Latin master classes and to listen to the concerts of "Carnival Youth", "Labvēlīgais Tips" and other musicians and groups. At the peak of the Festival on Majori Beach, the legendary British band "Smokie" and the attractive instrumental group "Dagamba" will perform on the big stage.

10 Things to Do in Jurmala

To make a trip to Jūrmala even more comfortable and interesting, we offer ready-made ideas on how to spend your time in the biggest resort city of the Baltics. A day in Jūrmala is always a good idea!

Celebrate spring at The Great picnic in Ķemeri

On 5th May from 11.00 to 15.00 there will be event for families "The Great picnic in Ķemeri" in Ķemeri near nature tourism information center "Meža māja". Everyone will have the opportunity to taste a meal at friendly prices from Jūrmala's restaurants like “Lighthouse Grill”, “Neptūns”, “Prospekts 55”, “Roof bar” and “Memories”, as well as enjoy the nature and participate in various educational activities.

Move with Endomondo in Jūrmala!

The nature and fresh air of Jūrmala recharge and inspire, we made sure of it a long time ago. Therefore, we invite all walking lovers to go short and long walks through Jurmala.

Meet Jūrmala in tourism fair “Balttour”

During this year’s fair “Balttour 2018” Jūrmala will be represented in both separate city stand and several individual stands of city’s entrepreneurs. Jūrmala Tourism information centre will participate together with nature education centre “Meža māja”, as well as entertainment and education centre “Zili Brīnumi”. 

Latvian vocal group "Frames" in Dzintari concert hall

The third, closing concert of the autumn "Holiday music'' series will entertain us with the Latvian vocal group "FRAMEST". The group was established in 2005, it consists of five professional and versatile singers – Beāte Zviedre (soprano), Rūta Dūduma (viola), Mikus Abaroniņš (tenor), Jānis Ķirsis (baritone), and Roberts Memmēns (bass).

First mass WALMARK Walking Competition in Jūrmala

Walmark Walking Competition will take place on the 23rd of September, Saturday, 12 o'clock! The aim of competition is to promote physical activity in society, at least 15 minutes of daily movement. 

Open Air Museum invites to Fish days!

Jurmala Open Air Museum organizes Thursdays as fish days!

In Dzintari Concert Hall will perform one of the most famous Italian singers ZUCCHERO

August 29th at 19:30 within the framework of the “Black Cat” tour with a unique show in Dzintari Concert Hall will perform one of the most famous Italian singers ZUCCHERO!

For the first time in Jūrmala the group "BLUE" in the Dzintari Concert Hall with a great show program!

Do not miss the exclusive opportunity to give yourself and your loved ones energetic and romantic performance of group "BLUE". The most popular hits of the, as well as hits from the new album. Attractive four soloists from the group “BLUE” will create a great atmosphere for every listener! 

International vintage car gathering "Retro Jūrmala 2017"

The International vintage car gathering “Retro Jūrmala 2017” on August 26 will take place already for the eighteenth time. Throughout the day a retro car parade will take place starting from Ķemeri to Dzintari, where everyone will be able to enjoy it in the city’s environment as well as in the beach. The show brings together cars from the Baltics, Scandinavia, Western Europe, Russia and Belarus.

This year the Beach Volleyball European Championship Final will be held in Jurmala

This year the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) Beach Volleyball European Championship Final will be held from August 16th to 20th in the largest resort city on the Baltic sea coast – Jurmala, Latvia, where not only will the new European Champions be determined, but also the 200 000 EUR prize will be distributed.

Ķemeri Festival offers a wide and varied program

The Kemeri Festival, which will take place this year from 11th  to 13th August, will be celebrated with a wide and diverse program.

Jūrmala invites to biggest night expedition for children "Don’t tell tales"

Saturday, August 12th, in the forest park Dzintari will be night expedition for children “Don’t tell tales”. Latvian artists will change territory of park into mysterious, surprises and adventures rich kingdom, where children will be able to find out secrets of Moon, put in action Great car, read biggest fairy-tale book and experience other surprises.

Opening of the festival "Summertime" on the 9th of August. Love duet evening

This year the opening of the festival Summertime – Inessa Galante invites is focused on a love duet in all its emotional spectrum – tenderness, passion and playful coquetry will merge in beloved Latvian singers’ and foreign guests’ performances.

18th International Ballet Festival. 6th of August Ballet Stars in Jūrmala

The origins of the festival can be traced back to the 1960s, when the month of August was traditionally called the month of ballet in Jurmala.

Most popular late breakfast places in Jurmala

Leisurely holiday mornings are ideally suited not only for a walk along the sea, but also for the late breakfast or brunch. Jurmala Tourism Information Centre has compiled a list of most popular late breakfast places with delicious food: restaurants and cafes where the residents of Jurmala and city guests may enjoy both a sophisticated buffet and traditional breakfast foods. 

The biggest Baltics' beach volleyball event - “Jurmala Masters”

The 2016 CEV European Championship in beach volleyball “Jurmala Masters” takes place from the 1st to 4th of September in the Jurmala beach centre.