Benjamin J Sperry
Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to by Jūrmala entry pass.

Move with Endomondo in Jūrmala!

The nature and fresh air of Jūrmala recharge and inspire, we made sure of it a long time ago. Therefore, we invite all walking lovers to go short and long walks through Jurmala.

In order to make the walks more interesting, we offer you to choose one of the recommended hiking routes in Jurmala, which can be found in the Endomondo application (the routes are created by the Visit Jurmala profile), thus also having the opportunity to take part in a lottery of prizes.

To register for a lottery, you have to comply with only one condition - register your walk of the chosen routes with the Endomondo mobile application (choose follow the route in the application) and you must share it publicly on your Facebook profile after a walk, adding a hashtag #moveinjurmala. To find and choose routes easy on arrival, look for them in the Endomondo desktop version (www.endomondo.com) and save them to your favourites.

Share your walks up to March 31, but we will be glad and invite you to do so after that date.

There are some routs:

Journey to the East

This route will get you for a walk through one of the oldest parts of Jurmala - Buļļuciems, where the city's open-air museum with ancient fishing boats and ancient fisherman's courtyards is located, Ragakāpa Nature Park surrounded by a pine forest, a white sandy beach and many wonderful architectural monuments. Length of the route - 9.5 km, starting point and destination point - the Jurmala Open-Air Museum (Jūrmalas brīvdabas muzejs).


Zigzags of Jurmala

Usually, we are walking from one end to the other through Jomas Street, is not it? This time we recommend going through the zigzags of Jomas Street, thus extending the route and giving the opportunity to see architectural pearls hidden on the little alleyways of Jomas Street. This route will take you to many really interesting tourist attractions, so, in order to make the walk even more interesting, visit the Jurmala Tourist Information Centre (5 Lienes Street) for a tourist map, where you can read about each of them. Length of the route - 7.5 km, starting point and destination point – the Horn's Garden (Horna dārzs).


From Kauguri to Jaunķemeri!

Do you know that on May 18, 1919, in Kauguri, one of the fights for Latvian national freedom took place, in which the Captain Zolt's army participated? The inexperienced young men succeeded in fighting, but the winning price was the Captain's life. In honour of the Captain Zolt, there is a monument at this place that can be seen during the walk. During the route, you will walk through the charming Kaugurciems, be able to get around the great oak and breathe fresh forest and sea air. Length of the route - 9.5 km, starting point and destination point – a car parking lot at the address of Talsu šoseja 29.


Jūrmala's Challenge

There are days when the mountains can be moved, and if you have such a day today, challenge yourself going or maybe running through the entire of Jurmala! Start at the historic “Lielupe” Railway Station (where you can also easily park your car), see the Jurmala's characteristic architecture on Bulduri and Dzintari prospectus on the way, walk down the famous Jomas Street, visit the art station “Dubulti” on your way, walk past the historic park in Ķemeri by finishing your challenge at the “Ķemeri” Railway Station, from which it is possible to comfortably return to the starting point with the train. The route, of course, is long, but with a good companion, it definitely runs. Length of the route - 27.5 km, the starting point is “Lielupe” Railway Station, the destination point of the route is “Ķemeri” Railway Station.


If you still feel not enough and want to go somewhere else, be sure to use other routes developed by Visit Jurmala within the Endomondo application.

We wish you a sunny and inspirational walk!