Points of interest

The best terms to describe the resort city of Jurmala would be - versatile and varied. In an urban context, this diversity includes a wide amplitude of environments, ranging from Lielupe's Sea villas inhabited by millionaires and celebrities, to the concrete towers of Kauguri and Sloka's worker districts. Jurmala offers its guests not only the architectural pleasures of the magnificent ancient and modern chalets, but also the spectacular natural parks in the Lielupe estuary and the neighbourhoods of Kemeri.

The Jurmala City Museum has acquired a reputation as one of the best exhibition halls in Latvia, while Aspazija's house not only provides an authentic insight into the everyday life and creative work of greatest Latvian poet, but also surprises with its modern holographic installations that talk to the younger visitors.

The city is home to the excellent concert hall Dzintari whose sophisticated events program lets you explore world-class artists, while the Dubulti church allows you to regularly enjoy spiritual music concerts. Jurmala has been a source of inspiration for Latvian legend Rainis, actor Eduards Pavuls, writer Andris Kolbergs, singer Laima Vaikule, and many other genious creative minds. Let this place also inspire you.