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Aspazija in Dunes

The sculpture "Aspazija in dunes" (Aspazija kāpās), which is dedicated to the outstanding Latvian poet and playwright Aspazija, is located in a spot overlooking the sea as well as the house of Aspazija herself, where the poetess spent the last decade of her life. The sculpture in the dunes can also be seen from the veranda widonw of Aspazija's house.

The sculpture of Aspazija was created by the Jūrmala sculptor Olga Šilova, and the landscaping plan of area was carried out by architect Martha Kotello. In the bronze sculpture Olga Šilova has succeeded to portray Aspazija's bright personality and outstanding talent, as well as her youthful and noble beauty. A cat sits at Aspazija's feet to symbolise not only the love that the poetess had for these pets, but also to give the sculpture a dimension of human emotions.
A wooden boardwalk leads up to the sculpture, and there are benches next to it. A wooden terrace runs around the sculpture, which successfully incorporates it into the surrounding landscape or forest and dunes. During the dark time of the day, the territory is illuminated to create a peaceful and romantic mood.

Aspazija in Dunes
Aspazija in Dunes
Aspazija in Dunes
Aspazija in Dunes
Aspazija in Dunes

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