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Ķemeri Saint John Baptist Roman Catholic Church

Ķemeri Saint John Baptist Roman Catholic Church

The construction of this historicism style building was begun in 1897, and it is the youngest of the Kemeri churches. The building is 19.5 metres in length and 8.70 metres is width and consists of three parts. The foundation stone was consecrated on 1 August 1897. The construction works began a month later and were finished in 1899. Materials and resources for building the church were provided by Prince Bogdan Oginsky. From his manor in the province of Kauna the timber was brought and used for the construction of the wooden church. The resources donated by the resort visitors were used to equip the interior of the church. The big altar was decorated by the painting "Saint John Baptist" by the Italian painter Boggeri donated by Petersburg; unfortunately, during the World War I it disappeared along with the church bell. On 1 August 1899, the church was consecrated by Janis Jacevics, the Dean of Riga Our Lady of Sorrows Church.

For the occasion, the train was sent from Riga to Kemeri. During the season services were held every Sunday under the guidance by the priests from Riga.

During the World War II the church was turned into a war hospital and a horse stable. As the war ended, the church was in need of major renovation works, yet it was not allowed by the Soviet authorities. However, as the years passed by the restoration was gradually taking place by repairing the ceiling and floors, acquiring the organ and oaken benches.

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