Getting here

By car
Jūrmala lies about 20 km west of Riga along the A10/ E22 highway.
From April 1 to September 30, upon entering the special area of Jūrmala city, one shall acquire a one-time entry pass (2 EUR). Buy entry pass here.

From October 1 to March 31, entry to the special area of Jūrmala city is free of charge.

Parking in Jūrmala is free all year round.
Car rentals

By train
The train line runs through the entire length of Jūrmala, from Priedaine to Ķemeri, with 14 stops within the city limits. A Tourist Information Centre is located in Majori, the centre of Jūrmala.
Passenger trains to Jūrmala leave Riga Central Station (Stacijas laukums 1) from Tracks (ceļš) 3 and 4 on Platform (perons) 4. Look for trains going in the direction of Tukums, Ķemeri or Sloka.
Depending on your selected destination, the ride from Riga to Jūrmala takes between 20 to 50 minutes and costs between EUR 1.40 and EUR 1.90 (for example, Riga–Majori takes 30 minutes and costs EUR 1.40).
Buy a ticket at the counters in the main ticket hall or, for a slightly higher price, directly from the conductor on the train. If you plan on taking your bicycle with you on the train, make sure to also buy a baggage ticket. Find train schedules and other information at  www.pv.lv/en.

By bicycle
A EuroVelo 10 bicycle route leads from Riga to Jūrmala. The 20-kilometre-long route begins at Vanšu tilts (Vanšu Bridge) and follows the route Daugavgrīvas iela–Kliņģeru iela–Kuldīgas iela–Slokas iela– Kandavas iela–Jūrmalas gatve–Imantas 2. līnija.  
From there it runs parallel to the train tracks all the way to the Jūrmala city limits.

By minibus
It is possible to use a minibus to get from Riga to Jūrmala. They depart from Riga International Bus Terminal, location- Prāgas iela 1, Rīga.
It takes around 30 minutes to get to Majori that is the centre of Jūrmala. 
Minibus List: Rīga - Jaunķemeri and Rīga - Sloka

By taxi
The centre of Jūrmala, Majori, is 13 km from the Riga International Airport.  A taxi ride from the airport to Majori should not cost more than EUR 20.
The Baltic Taxi (T. +371 20008500, +371 8500; www.baltictaxi.lv),  TAXSI LV (T.+371 8808) and Red Cab (T. +371 8383;  www.redcab.lv) taxi companies are available to guests arriving at the airport. However, you may hail any taxi to take you to the airport. A taxi ride from central Riga to Majori costs approximately EUR 22.