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Where to have breakfast in Jurmala?

Many cafes in Jurmala offer a range of breakfast options, from delicious buns and croissants with coffee to morning omelette or porridge.

Early breakfast in Jurmala

Majori in the center of Jurmala. If you are looking for breakfast in Majori, Jomas street will be the right choice – especially in summer! On Jomas street You will find a wide range of options: from simple meals to sophisticated breakfasts.

At 8:30 AM in cafe Bitīte. At 9:00 AM – cafe De Gusto and Cafe 53 are ready to welcome you, at 10:00 AM – you can go to cafe Ledenīte or to a clasic style restaurant – Majorenhoff. At the same time one of the oldest cafe's in Jomas street opens its doors, cafe Kafija.

Bulduri. In the early mornings from 8:30 AM at cafe Kafijas stūrītis you can taste the most delicious cottage cheese pancakes in Jurmala. Cafe Choice Deli & Culinary opens at 9:00 AM, but at 10:00 AM – you can have breakfast in cafe Zem burām.

Lielupe and Dzintari. In early morning hours near the water attraction park "Līvu akvaparks" it is worth visiting the pastry shop Kalnaraušu fabrika. It is a popular place for many locals. Meanwhile in Dzintari, from 8:30 AM, cafe Lemongrass will always welcome visitors.

Dubulti. A little off the beaten road you can find bistro/patisseries Dukāts. The doors open at 8:00 AM. While another cafe – Pankūkas – is open from 8:30 AM.

Melluži. Away from the center and hustle and bustle stands cafe Madam Brioš that opens from 9:00 AM.

Breakfast offers in Jūrmalas hotels

The largest Jurmala hotels have a breakfast offer that is available not only for hotel guests. Usually the breakfast offer is valid from 7:30 until 10:30. The meal is usualy served as an all you can eat buffet style breakfast. The price per person starts from 12 euros.

The breakfast offer is available in hotels such as Boutique hotel "Villa St. Maria", "Lielupe by Semarah Hotels", "Baltic Beach Hotel & SPA", "Hotel Jūrmala SPA", but we definitely recommend you look around in the neighboring hotels yourself.

Holiday morning brunches in Jurmala

On holiday mornings, it is quite a common practice not only among vacationers, but also among locals, to alow yourself to sleep in and later go to one of Jurmala's late breakfast or brunch places, where a richly laid buffet tables and steaming hot coffee is served. In some cafe's visitors are greeted by a glass of "Prosecco" or "Mimoza". Brunch offers are available at places such as: restaurant Majorenhoff, grill bar House of Light, restaurant Zelta teļš (Golden calf) and cafe Lokāls Veranda. It is a wonderful opportunity to relax in Jurmala. For other visitors, such a late breakfast might slowly turn into an early lunch. And after all that it is time to hit the beach.

Cafes and bars