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Winter Treasure in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is a unique destination in all seasons, including winter, when the resort is filled with a quiet hubbub, and the presence of the forest gives the city a special aura. With snow or not, the white beaches are ever-present. Together with the shimmering surface of the sea, the many kilometre-long, silky seashore will light up even the gloomiest winter days. If you miss light, treat yourself to a trip to Jūrmala! Celebrate a beautiful day out in the nature with a hot drink in one of Jūrmala's cafés. 

Stock Op on Energy and Light for The Whole Year

In wintertime, fairy lights glow the brightest and the velvety darkness turns into a winter wonderland. For the third time in a row, the Dzintari Forest Park has turned into a magically beautiful Light Park, where, hidden among pine trees and blueberry bushes, you can find light sculptures made of thousands of LEDs: bears, hedgehogs, squirrels; a starry Milky Way stretches overhead, snowflakes flicker and a bridge that looks like a glittering sea wave invites you to walk it hand in hand with your loved ones.

The beach is still undoubtedly the most popular place for walks in Jūrmala. Seaside walks are even possible during the dark time of the day, as the beach is equipped with a lighted boardwalk. The nearly one kilometre-long, illuminated boardwalk is located between the Dzintari Concert Hall on Turaidas iela and Tirgoņu iela.

Take Walks in Evergreen Forests

As one of Christmas symbols, fir tree encourages you to walk along the nature trails of Jūrmala. Forever green and fragrant pine and fir tree forests can make for an excellent start to your holiday of nature-viewing. Take a deep breath, have a brisk walk and maybe spot a gnome or two, hidden under branches, watching you enjoy the best gift: quality time together. In the quieter corners of the city forests is also home to roe deer, hares and foxes. If you are careful, you can spot one of these shy forest animals among the naked branches of the forest.

Forests in Jūrmala are diverse. On one of the biggest dunes in Latvia, in Ragakāpa nature park near the Lielupe estuary, the oldest pine trees in Jūrmala have been patiently growing, some of them more than 300 years old. One of the forest trails is dedicated to pine tree viewing. The total length of the boardwalk is two kilometers.

In Pumpuri, the famous pines of Rainis can be seen - they served as his muses in the seaside dunes. The Pumpuri forest is like a beautiful park, where old paths lead up and down steep hills of green moss. While in Pumpuri, be sure to see the contemporary sculpture “Raiņa Priedes” by the local sculptor Kristaps Gulbis, installed at the end of Amatas iela, at the place on the seaside to which the poet once dedicated the poem “Lauztās priedes” (“Broken Pines”).

Take a look at the bog trees, when walking along the Great Ķemeri Bog Boardwalk in the Ķemeri National Park, which lets you see the ancient, 8000-year-old bog landscape. During winter walks along the trail of Sloka lake Northern Lights can even sometimes be observed.

During each season, the wonderful and untouched nature is like a new chapter in a mysterious fairy tale - let's open a new page of winter!

Be active

Winter activity enthusiasts are invited to go to the Majori sports ground, where you can enjoy ice skating for all family on a semi-open ice rink. Skaters can bring their own skates or rent them on site. Information about prices and public skating times can be viewed on the website https://jssc.jurmala.lv/, in the Majori sports ground section.

If you are already longing for summer and water activities, “Līvu Akvaparks” water park is the best destination for you. Everyone will find the best way to have fun there, whether it's the 20 slides of different lengths and speeds, more than 10 pools or the saunas. The best offer of the year is currently available – day pass for EUR 19.65. The Christmas gift card can be purchased up to 15 January 2020 and can be used from 25 December 2019 to 4 May 2020. A unique opportunity to give a whole day of water fun as a present to yourself or others.  The gift cards can be purchased at “Līvu Akvaparks” website www.akvaparks.lv, Biļešu Serviss sales points, including “Circle K” petrol stations nationwide.

A relaxed holiday meal

If you have a family tradition of relaxed holiday mornings, a brunch is perfect for you. To enjoy a meal at a restaurant surrounded by a forest, on the bank of the Lielupe river or at the touristic heart of Jūrmala, Jomas iela – the choice is yours. More information about brunches: https://www.visitjurmala.lv/lv/uzzini/sezonas-aktualitates/velas-brokastis-jurmala/