Benjamin J Sperry
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Silent Disco Korso


Silent Disco Korso

  • 14.August
  • 21:00
  • Jomas iela 35

SILENT DISCO Korso on the largest, open roof terrace in Jurmala!

Great music for every taste, the charm of a summer evening and fresh sea air is what everyone should enjoy this summer.It's a disco that's for one and all!

A disco where you don't have to strain your voice to scream something to a friend!

A disco where there is only fun and positive emotions!

Is it possible? Yes! This is possible by visiting - SILENT DISCO or Quiet Disco.

The Silent Disco uses special wireless headphones where everyone can individually adjust the volume of the music playing in the headphones, as well as choose the DJ whose music they like the most.Thanks to the special headphones, two DJs will play in one event at the same time and each dancer will definitely find music that suits them. The DJ will offer Latvian dance music, Retro Hits from the 70s through the 90s, EDM and House and R&B music styles of the last 10 years.