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A Logo for the Application of Jūrmala for the Title of the ECoC Has Been Chosen in a Contest

The city of Jūrmala has chosen a logo for its application for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2027 by means of a design contest. The visualisation proposed by a resident of Jūrmala graphic designer Toms Vitins (Toms Vītiņš) for the creative concept ARTeries of Jūrmala's application illustrating the idea of culture as the pulse of life.

The creative concept of Jūrmala's application for the title of the European Capital of Culture is based on the idea – a wordplay – on the subject of ARTeries meaning flows of life, people, creative ideas and countless other flows. Jūrmala is permeated by five corporeal ARTeries: the Lielupe, the railway, highway, cycle route and the coast of the sea linking Jūrmala to the capital of Latvia Rīga and the neighbouring, as well as more distant municipalities of Latvia, and Latvia to Europe and Europe to the entire world. They are also ARTeries of history, culture, art, nature, communication, and the diverse social groups that flow and maintain life in all its facets. Culture is the ARTery of health and life – cooperation ensuring the unified circulation of humans and the nature.

The visualisation offered by Toms Vitins has been recognised as the most appropriate for the creative concept ARTeries of Jūrmala's application.

The author of the logo Toms Vitins tells, “The idea of the logo for the contest was formulated by the city of Jūrmala – a story of five arteries connecting Jūrmala to the world or vice versa – make Jūrmala a part of the world. The logo had to be laconic, therefore I made it simple and easy to reproduce in various sizes. The logo is based on a sketch made by hand with lines symbolising these arteries – of various length and seemingly moving, at times one or the other becoming more prominent.”

“The municipality of Jūrmala thanks all participants of the logo design contest, all, who submitted their works have been given incentive awards. The panel of the contest appreciates the contribution of each author of the idea design and the story told by the logo. We especially appreciate the contribution of the Noviks family – Alona (Aļona), her parents Olga (Olga) and Sergejs (Sergejs) – and also her grandmother Zinaida Jasjukevica (Zinaīda Jasjukeviča), who each submitted their own idea design to the contest”, tells Head of the Department of Culture of Jūrmala City Council Agnese Miltina (Agnese Miltiņa).

The Noviks family – Alona and her parents Olga and Sergejs – submitted each their own idea design to the logo design contest.

Every creative person could submit their proposal to the open logo design contest organised by the city of Jūrmala. All in all, 51 ideas for the logo were received in the contest from designers and artists, children, young people, and people from professions unrelated to graphic design. Based on the panel's ranking the idea proposed by Toms Vitins, a resident of Jūrmala, was recognised as the most suitable for the project.

The panel of the contest assessed the conformity of the logo design to the provisions of the contest regulation, its laconism and perceivability, originality and innovation of the logo design. Opinions of invited experts in the field of art and advertising were sought during the assessment of the submitted logo designs. The logo had to include the name of the city “Jūrmala” and the year “2027”, and to reflect the motto of Jūrmala – the European Capital of Culture 2027 concept – ARTeries.

Jūrmala will participate in the European Capital of Culture competition together with Kurzeme municipalities – the municipalities of Tukums, Talsi, Kandava, Dundaga, Jaunpils, Engure and Roja. The work invested in the preparation of the application will serve as a basis for the cultural strategy and the development of the cultural life in Jūrmala regardless of the outcome of the competition. During preparation of the application for the competition experts together with residents have performed an in-depth analysis of the cultural life of Jūrmala, its strength and weaknesses have been determined, ideas, wishes and visions have been pooled, and an action plan has been prepared for successful cultural development.

The application for the European Capital of Culture 2027 competition pre-selection stage must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture until 4 June of this year, the winner of the competition will be announced in summer 2022. In 2027 the title of the European Capital of Culture will be awarded to one city/town in Latvia and one city/town in Portugal.

The application and the artistic concept for the competition have been developed based on wishes and ideas for cultural activities offered by the residents of the city themselves. Residents have expressed their opinions in discussions, surveys and they have offered specific ideas for cultural events. In eight structured discussion with over 200 participants various ideas proposed by the residents of Jūrmala have been developed. In creative conversations over 130 ideas for different events of varying scale, installation of media objects and infrastructures have been gathered.

Countless ideas stem from brainstorming sessions of the creative group with representatives of non-governmental organisations, event organisers, employees of cultural institutions, colleagues from partner cities and individual phone conversations with local artists. At the beginning of the year over 150 already defined ideas – elaborate visions of events that could be organised using our own resources or involving partners – have been received from residents of the city, representatives of non-governmental organisation and event organisers in the idea bank opened on the website.