9 ways to explore Jūrmala

In order to make recreation in Jūrmala more convenient and more interesting, we offer ideas on how you can spend your time in the largest resort town in the Baltics. Here your day will never go wrong!

Climb the Dzintari forest park observation tower

The observation tower in Dzintari forest park is the highest freely accessible point in the centre of Jūrmala, and from it a beautiful scenery on the resort town presents itself. The 32 metres high tower rises among tall pine trees in the most popular walking park of the town. Here, children can play in three playgrounds designed for different ages or ride the electric car, roller-skaters can enjoy an exciting ride along the specially built path, but skaters can test their skills in the skate park.
There is also the adventure park “Jūrmalas Tarzāns” located in the Dzintari forest park with obstacle tracks of various difficulties both for children and adults. At the end of the Blue track you can enjoy an 80 metres long descent along a zip-line, the Red track challenges to a leap of Tarzan, a ride with a bicycle along a boardwalk hanged on zip-lines and other exciting obstacles, but the Black track is intended for those who are stronger and more courageous since it contains 14 difficult obstacles.
The park is open for visitors from 9:00 to 22:00.

Take the waterslide ride at the water park “Līvu akvaparks”

Without a doubt — “Līvu akvaparks” is one of the most popular amusement and recreational objects in Jūrmala for families with children. Here, each visitor will feel good since the water park offers not only various slides, but saunas, pools, bubble baths, an underwater bar and an underwater fitness equipment on top of that. The water park has many slides — the Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Red, but those who love extreme sensations will especially love the Black slide, which is equipped with a dynamic sound and light system and which has already become a real coordination and sense of orientation challenge for the vacationers: the star trail, lightning flashes and unexpected turns, where you will be surprised with sounds from the tropical forest, wild tribes and other interesting ones — climb in the boat and enter the adventure in complete darkness!

The latest attraction is the 100 m long water skeleton track where two people can slide down simultaneously on two sections by using mats. The starting point is almost at a height of 15 metres. It is the only slide in “Līvu akvaparks” where it is allowed to slide down head-first. When sliding down along the track, a speed of up to 30 kilometres an hour can be achieved!

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along Jomas Street

Almost every town has its pedestrian street, and in Jūmala this is Jomas Street. Its name is a testimony to the fact that even in the middle of the 19th century all of the territory of Jūrmala was covered with a line of hollows created by the wind in the sand dunes that went in parallel with the sea.
Historically, shops, restaurants and cafes appeared along the street, the majority of which are now historical monuments. 

Learn to tie a sailor's knot in the Jūrmala Open-air Museum

The museum is located at the foot of the dune “Ragakāpa” and showcases the everyday lives of sailors at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. Here you can climb aboard two authentic fishing ships, visit an authentic fisherman's home and try out your hand in the rope twisting and net weaving workshop. During the summer season, on Thursdays from 12:00 to 15:00 the museum offers a pleasant surprise to foodies since fish smoking event take place here where the local fishermen talk about and show how fish can be smoked using traditional methods by offering to taste them. During the event fished smoked beforehand can be purchased. Read more here.

Find cats in the House of Aspazija

Families with children will be interested to see the exposition “Aspazija returns to Dubulti” which allows the younger generation to get to know the life and creative work of the poet in a modern and interesting manner by using interactive and digital elements. In the house where Aspazija spent her last days the guests will be greeted with three virtual characters in the form of a hologram — the housekeeper herself and her two cats which you will have to find first, though. With a latest generation video projector and game devices the living room table of the house of Aspazija has also been made alive and here six interactive games connected with the life and creative work of the poet are available for the visitors. Read more here.

Explore the Sloka lake nature trail and climb the observation tower

Friends of nature and those who love leisure activities will appreciate the Sloka lake nature trail that leads along the shore of the lake in one direction, and in the second direction — runs through the forest allowing to see various biotopes with bird and plant species characteristic to it. Here you can meet, for example, the specially protected marsh spurge, and practically all species of woodpecker in Latvia live here in the forest, including the symbol of the Ķemeri National Park — the White-backed woodpecker. The approximately 3.1 kilometres long trail, with equipment for sports activities, for example, a swing, a balance arc, objects for climbing, that the younger generation will especially love, starts and ends on the lake shore with a place for car parking and picnics. Here a 7 metres long observation tower has been built as well, floating on pontoons, and from it you can easily oversee the whole lake and watch bird in it. Many protected bird species nests in Slokas lake, and it is an important rest area for migrating birds during spring and autumn migrations.

Take a stroll along the illuminated beach walking path

An illuminated walking path has been built from wooden planks on the beach between Dzintari and Majori which will allow you to take an approximately two-kilometre-long walk along the sea. Parents with a baby in the stroller can also easily walk along it. If you start the stroll from the Dzintari Concert hall and by going down to the walking path along Turaidas Street, you will be able to end the stroll with a memorable photo by the Turtle of Jūrmala — a large metal turtle sculpture that looks out to the sea for almost 22 years now.

Dine on the beach

When in Jūrmala, use the exclusive chance to dine by looking at and listening to the sea. Of course, you will be especially close to the sea if you organise a family picnic by the coast of the sea, but those, who enjoy comfort and do not like the necessity to remove sand from your shoes from time to time, will benefit from any of the restaurants of cafes by the coast of the sea.

In the summer season, more than 40 dining service locations are available for the vacationers on the beach where you can purchase not only refreshing drinks and sparkling lemonades, delicious ice-cream cocktails and freshly squeezed juices, but also try something more substantial — anyone will find a suitable meal here, even the most fussiest gourmands. Jūrmala beach cafes are loved by both the habitants of the town and town guests since the chance to have dinner and view gorgeous sunsets at the same time is priceless.

Watch the sunset from the Great Ķemeri Bog trail

The Great Ķemeri Bog is a true oasis — upon entering, once can experience a surreal feeling that nothing else around exists. Here, the sounds of the city disappear — the sound of car engines, the chatter of people... A primeval silence and nature exist here. To give people a chance to experience one of Latvia's largest moss bogs, which is approximately 8000 years old, plants and animals’ characteristic to it, small bog lakes, puddles and quagmires, a wooden boardwalk has been created. It has two arcs — the great one and the small one. Those who enjoy shorter trips, seniors or parents with younger children can choose the smaller arc that will allow you to enjoy a 1.4 kilometre long walk, but the rest can surely take the 3.4 kilometres long route on the great arc which would not be complete without the observation tower from which the elongated lake or the labyrinth of quagmires can be seen giving it a special scenery. An especially gorgeous scenery will present itself to those that will wait for the sunrise or sunset in the bog. Those who have experienced it, say that it should definitely be experienced by everyone!