Active recreation in Jūrmala

Summer is the right time to enjoy healthy recreation. Light clothing, warm days, long and light evenings – sun, water and forest. Everyone will find a type of recreation most suited for themselves in Jūrmala.

Climbing trees and flying down water slides

The adventure park “Jūrmalas Tarzāns” built in the pines of Dzintari Mezaparks with various activities lets one test one's courage and climb a tree regardless of one's age. 98 obstacles in total are divided into Green, Blue, Red and Black trails, including the Children's trail suitable for children from the age of three.

“Līvu Akvaparks” attractions will provide entertainment to children and adults and even to those who do not know any fear. The sea of waves with a flat bottom, an island with fountains and a swimming pool with counter-current under the open sky, along with water skeleton for the courageous are only some of the wide range of attractions. The flow of visitors is regulated according to restrictions to take care of the health of customers, it is also not possible to purchase a ticket for the entire day.

Riding a bike, Nordic walking and swimming

The golden quartz sand on the 24 kilometres long beach of Jurmala is the best covering for the summer to enjoy running, riding a bike, Nordic walking or lying down on a towel after a swim. On the comfortable beaches of Jurmala one may choose: a beach with a volleyball net, children's playgrounds along the beach available in 19 locations, and holidaymakers' bustle or more silent dunes for a secluded picnic – the beach is divided into active and quiet recreation zones with bars, cafés and even warm pools.

The coast invites for a long walk or a ride on a bike – bicycles are available for rent in the city, equipment for Nordic walking can be rented in several hotels in Jurmala. The only ticket one needs to take a swim in the sea or in the warm Lielupe, on the banks of which there are several comfortable swimming places, is a towel, a swimsuit and the right mood. After a refreshing swim excellent mood is guaranteed.

Rowing, sailing, wakeboarding and water-skiing

The river is alive with sports activities. Anything related to water sports is on offer at the recreation park Ski Wake Jurmala: water-skiis, wakeboard, including training, a funny ride on a float, and rental of motorboats and boats. For a more peaceful recreation one can rent SUP boards and kayaks of various sizes, and go on a sunset expedition or just explore the bends of the river and its reed covered banks.

For romantics or an excellent family holiday the river boat New Way is available, on which one may not only travel from Riga to Jurmala, but also explore the Lielupe. A historical adventure is offered by the 17th century sailing vessel “Lībava”, which can take you on a ride on the Lielupe and in the Gulf of Riga. Visitors will participate in putting on the sails, but the team of the vessel will guide them on an excursion on the deck of the vessel. A two hour ride on a white yacht can be enjoyed in twosome or with the entire family. It will take just you on a ride along the river and in the gulf.

Playing golf, tennis and volleyball

If you choose to spend your holidays on dry land, you can play golf on the green fields of Jūrmala Golf Club & Hotel or tennis at the most contemporary tennis centre in the Baltic states “Lielupe”. This is the first summer after the reconstruction of the centre, which now has open and closed tennis courts and squash courts. Jurmala cannot be imagined without beach volleyball that everyone can try whenever one wishes. There are volleyball poles in the active recreation areas at the coast, and on windy days one can watch lovers of extreme sports catching wind in the sails of their windsurfing boards or kites of their kiteboards.

Walking the forest, the swamp and watching birds

Big Kemeri swamp boardwalk (the big trail – 3,4 kilometres, the small trail – 1,4 kilometres) lead one into a swamp landscape free of civilisation with labyrinth of small lakes and deeps. A family will be excited by the floating bird tower on the shore of Sloka lake. The lake is surrounded by approximately 3 kilometres long walking trail following the coast of the lake in one direction and taking a turn through the forest in the other, one can extend one's walk to as much as 12 kilometres. At the furthest end of the trail there are several playground elements for children for climbing, to test one's balance and dexterity.