Jūrmala Loves Holidays For Two

This year February 14 falls on a Friday, and the sun will set shortly after 5 PM in Jūrmala. If the clouds will have dissolved, Valentine's day is likely to have a pink sunset to watch with your other half on a beach, the scenic river bank of Lielupe, in a canoe, gliding across the lake of The Great Ķemeri bog or from the comfort of a hotel room balcony, admiring the play of colours in water and sky. Jūrmala, the oasis of a romantic epoch on the shores of The Baltic Sea only around ten kilometres from Riga, is just the right place for celebrating love on Valentine's Day. The city's hotels and restaurants have prepared unforgettable holiday offers at affordable prices.

Concert, Pearl Bath, Fragrant Massage and an Unforgettable Night

For February 14, the map of Jūrmala is marked by numerous hearts. You only have to choose where to enjoy your time together: Lielupe, Dzintari, Majori or Dubulti?

Two tickets to a concert: what could be a more romantic gift? The musical delights offered by the Dzinatri concert hall: On 14 February you are invited to enjoy the Valentine's Friday Night Show, with the performances of such renowned musicians as Aminata, Dināra Rudāne, Rūta Dūduma-Ķirse, The Ludvig, Dagnis Roziņš, The Beach Band, and others. The captivating musical programme of excellent jazz classics and the works of Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong and Latvian composers hold a promise of a beautiful evening at the historical seaside concert hall.

A romantic holiday for two at The Lielupe by Semarah Hotels in Lielupe includes a plunge in the pool, a massage, a salt room, dinner at the “Lielupe” restaurant, sparkling wine and fruit in the hotel room and a buffet breakfast. The Romantic Sensations Bouquet pack at The Amber Sea Hotel & SPA in Dzintari will pamper lovebirds with a visit to the Aqua Club and an exotic oil massage, and the guests can check out later than usual. The Kurshi Hotel & SPA in Dubulti has prepared a two-day Winter Sparkle relax pack with sauna and massages as well as a Do Not Disturb offer with a Linden Blossom SPA program and Nordic walking along the sea. In KURSHI Hotel & SPA, an especially romantic room design can be ordered for a small additional fee.

It's well worth it to book a table in advance at the cozy restaurant Faces in Bulduri, not far from the sea, and experience the Valentine's Day surprise, which the restaurant has promised but not yet revealed; otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise! Or you can hide away for a delicious dinner for two in the hookah room of the Italian restaurant Giardini in Bulduri, blow fragrant rings of smoke or explore the wine cellar.

Romantic Places to Watch Sunset

A sunset is a show with no tickets, and the white sand beach, where you can collect seashells as souvenirs, is the best stage to watch it from. Even though the winter sun in Jūrmala sets more to the left instead of the sea like in the summer season, the beach and the water still light up with a picturesque palette of pinks and oranges.

The Jūrmala beach is 24 km long and diverse. Anyone can find a quiet spot, save for the sound of waves lapping on the shore. On the beach from Dzintari to Majori there is a boardwalk, which stretches almost a kilometre parallel to the water and lights up in the evening. In Pumpuri, the sand dunes are greener than other places. In certain places in Kauguri, the beach is very narrow. But no matter where you go, there will always be a bench to sit down on.

If you plan to watch the Valentine's Day sunset with a romantic dinner instead of just the beach, several restaurants and cafes in Jūrmala are located on the seashore and open all year round: 36 Line Grill Restaurant in Buļļciems and Light House Jūrmala in Dzintari (which is also a hotel, where each room has a private balcony with a view of the Baltic Sea). There's a stylish cafe on the Majori beach called Simply Beach House, whereas in Kauguri, a pub called Kūriņš sits right on the seashore, serving hearty meals. You can watch the river landscape change with the sunset from a table in the restaurant Laivas in Lielupe.

In the Great Ķemeri bog you will live through a fairy tale beyond time and space, where each little lake and pool reflects the colours of the sunset, and the boardwalk with the viewing tower lends you a safe spot to watch it all from. A unique adventure is offered by Ozollaivas.lv: To meditatively glide across the lake of the Great Ķemeri bog in a canoe, illuminated by a sunrise or sunset. Jūrmala has every chance to become your Valentine's day city and February 14 tradition.