Benjamin J Sperry
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Recharge Yourself in Jūrmala

Only half an hour drive away from the centre of Riga you can tune into completely different vibrations — in the seaside resort Jūrmala washed by the waves of the Baltic Sea. City beaches, paved streets, pine forests and buildings with glass verandas cover a narrow peninsula. On the map, it seems to be neatly stretched between the Gulf of Riga and the river Lielupe. Autumn is the time when the harmonious soul of the city wakes up, and it is tempting to walk all over Jūrmala and after the walk dive into steamy spas.

Walks along Sea and River Also in Autumn

There is no other time than autumn when it is so easy to walk along the beach. The sand is firm due to air moisture and it makes walking comfortable. 24-kilometres-long coastline of Jūrmala invites walkers, fans of Nordic walking, runners and bikers to take the road along the sea enjoying naturally ionized air. Low autumn sun allows children to have fun watching their stretched shadows in the sand. Swings, slides and other amusement equipment is left at the beaches also after the end of summer. Warmed up by the summer sun, Lielupe's water slowly cools off in autumn. In chilly mornings, sometimes even throughout the whole day, beautiful fog clouds tumble above the river. If you are lucky, you can experience also the cold sea fog that rapidly rolls into the city as a white cloud. Over the sea and away from city glare, the evening darkness allows to observe the most spectacular autumn sight — black, starry sky. For the guests who arrive in the dark hours of the day there is an illuminated boardwalk of 850 metres at Dzintari beach, in the passage from Dzintari Concert Hall to Majori.

Go to Forest and Explore Moor with Marsh Shoes

Appropriate clothing, comfortable footwear, a vacuum flask, snacks — and you are ready for long walks in Jūrmala marshes and forests. One third of the urban area of Jūrmala is covered by forests that provide excellent air in the city. Overgrown with forests, the sand dunes are the place for beautiful autumn walks. In the Ragakāpa Nature Park, the two kilometres long boardwalk leads through centuries old pine forest; during the walk you can hear and see the sea. Pine forest as a city park can be enjoyed in the Dzintari Forest Park where among bilberry bushes, playgrounds for children, basketball baskets, skate park and roller-skating tracks one can have a rest on the chairs designed by German designer Konstantin Grcic.

No doubt that the Ķemeri National Park is the wonderland of Jūrmala. Extending over more than 38 thousand hectares, the nature park is huge — the third largest in Latvia. A part of it is located in Jūrmala. The Great Ķemeri Bog, a mossy marsh untouched for thousands of years, is an unforgettable scene that can be enjoyed walking along 3.4 kilometres long boardwalk and from the observation tower. Ones who are looking for new experience can explore the moor with marsh shoes — specially adjusted snow shoes that allow to walk in the marsh all around the year. The walk in the Great Ķemeri Bog with marsh shoes is also suitable for school age children and seniors. You may have a chance to hear cranes that gather in large groups in marsh in autumn and accumulate strength for migration.

Strengthen Immunity in Swimming Pool and Treat Yourself

Healing spas were the soul of the territory of Jūrmala even before the establishment of the city; the first swimming establishment in Latvia was opened in Ķemeri in 1838. Swimming relaxes the muscles, calms down the mind and strengthens the immunity that is very important in autumn. In Jūrmala, there are different size swimming pools in spa hotels, fitness centres and sanatoriums (mainly the lanes are 25 metres long), they are filled with warm sea water, mineral water or minimally chlorinated water. Swimming trainings and water aerobics are available as well.

The swimming may be combined with a bath, sauna, salt room and yoga depending on the offer. There are plenty of opportunities to recreate the energy: a massage with rowan berry lotion, volcanic stones, pealing with amber powder, ayurveda, aroma therapy, mud procedures, spa capsules, fabulous face masks. Special masks also for children and expectant mothers. Walks in nature and health treatment in holiday mornings may be combined with a relaxed late morning meal or brunch. Several restaurants, cafés and hotels in Jūrmala offer both — exquisite buffet and traditional breakfast dishes, allowing to leisurely enjoy them from morning until lunch time so that you can continue your autumn day with new energy.

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