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Winter holidays in Jūrmala

Jūrmala is one of the most suitable places for the children to relax and gain health not only in summer time, but also in winter. To regenerate and recover for school, take a long walks in fresh air or enjoy peaceful family time in one of the various Jūrmala SPA pools and sauna.


Ragakāpa Nature Park

Walk in fresh air can ease mind, improve well- being and also draw energy. Ragakapa Nature Park is a specially protected territory of nature formed in order to preserve the dunes covered with an ancient pine forest and the biodiversity on the sea coast. Ragakapa is reaching the height of 17 meters and the whole area of the park is 150 hectares.
In order to introduce the visitors to the natural values of the territory, two nature trails have been established in the park. One of the trails leads through the pine forest, is approximately 2 km long, and is mostly formed of boardwalks. Information stands are placed along the route to inform visitors about uniqueness of this place.


Dzintari Forest Park and observation tower

Dzintari Forest Park is very popular among Jūrmala citizens as well as city guests, because you can spend time with your children and enjoy the air filled with the scent of pines all year long.
Park visitors already favorite decorations, which are made of 85 thousand LED lights, supplemented by a special alley – Milky Way in which everyone will be able to see falling stars and make a wish. Tree tops reminds constellations in the night sky. The 14-hectare park area is a home for the Bear, Hedgehog and Squirrel families, as well as for other forest animals.

The biggest and most impressive decoration also this year is a park bridge - arc in the form of a sea wave. The bridge is made up from 3.5 km long LED light strings.

The 33.5 meter high Dzintari forest park observation tower with panoramic lot is decorated with illuminated snowflakes and snow-covered dunes. The most courageous ones can take the challenge and, during the day, climb the viewing tower and see the snowy Jurmala from above. In sunny and clear day try to see Riga towers in the far.

To get to Dzintari Forest Park from the railway station “Dzintari”, please use walkway under the bridge, you can get there by crossing the crosswalk right next to the railway station. Look here100.08 KB.


Walk along the sea during the dark hours of the day

No more excuses for staying inside! In the dark time of the day, the central beach of Jūrmala is accessible for healthy walks and sporting activities. A lighting line is installed and wooden walkways are built right next to the seashore between Dzintari and Majori.

The beach is illuminated from Dzintari Concert Hall, Turaidas Street, until the Tirgoņu Street and wooden boarding walkway is almost a kilometer (850 meters) long.


Educational center Zili brīnumi

Find out who is the real expert in your family! In the entertainment and education center “Zili brīnumi” you can find various interesting and unusual experiments and tasks that can be performed in a team.  Also you are able to enjoy the performances with the elements of physics and chemistry. The estimated time of the visit and completion of tasks is 2-3 hours.


Pools and saunas

Pools here are available with ordinary, sea and mineral water. Taking into account the fact that sea and mineral waters in the pool are used without added chlorine, it is especially friendly for the skin of a baby and a child. In Jūrmala, you can try traditional Russian bath, Finnish sauna, steam bath, different kinds of aromatic bathes and a salt bath. It is advised for children to visit salt rooms, massages, pearl bathes.


Jurmala Star Cinema

Star Cinema Jurmala is a premium class movie theater with two halls, equipped with latest cinema technology, ready for fun entertainment with family and friends. The latest family movies and comedies can be watched with snacks for everyone's taste, served on the spot.

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