Benjamin J Sperry
Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to by Jūrmala entry pass.

Season news

Discover Pearls of Jūrmala on Walking Routes

Nothing compares to leisure time spent in a meaningful manner. Jūrmala invites on tours that will help to discover the secrets of the city. Specially prepared walking routes span Bulduri, Lielupe, Buļļuciems, Vecdubulti and Dubulti. Orientation games like “Romance of the Resort in Bulduri” and exploration of the vicinity of Majori for schoolchildren “Walk and Explore Jūrmala” are also available.

You are welcome to download maps with object descriptions and pictures on your smart device or print them out at home! Also, you can open them in the Google Maps app. Each route shows the length of the walk in kilometres and the estimated time in hours, as well as the types of road paving. All one needs besides that are comfortable shoes, a good mood, and a reliable travelling companion. Even if you think you already know Jūrmala very well, these specially designed routes will guarantee new discoveries.

See you in spring!

Spring is the perfect season for outdoor recreation — walking, running and cycling. The long-waited warmth of sun, first flowers and fresh air are so tempting! This season makes us want to break free just like flower buds in spring. Jūrmala offers a full palette of fresh spring experiences, including nature walks in close proximity, the banks of the Lielupe river and the Baltic Sea.

Entrance fee

On Thursday, 1 April, starts the period, during which vehicles entering Jūrmala have to pay the EUR 2 entry fee. This year there will be no cash payment option at the pass purchase machines at the entry points to Jūrmala in Priedaine and Vaivari – drivers will have to pay by a payment card or contactless payment devices (a mobile phone, a bracelet, a smartwatch etc.).