Entrance fee for vehicles! Remember to by Jūrmala entry pass.

Entrance fee

On Thursday, 1 April, starts the period, during which vehicles entering Jūrmala have to pay the EUR 2 entry fee. This year there will be no cash payment option at the pass purchase machines at the entry points to Jūrmala in Priedaine and Vaivari – drivers will have to pay by a payment card or contactless payment devices (a mobile phone, a bracelet, a smartwatch etc.).

Buy entry pass electronically at www.visitjurmala.lv or with mobile app "Mobilly" or "EuroPark". 

Cash settlements at the entry points to the city have been cancelled to speed up the payment process for passes and reduce traffic jams. Cash settlements often cause delays at passing points – coins tend to get stuck and sometimes unsuitable objects are inserted into the machines, which makes them temporarily unusable. It will still be possible to pay for the pass in cash at the pass purchase machines in the city: at “Rimi” supermarket in Lielupe, at Dzintari Concert Hall, at the Majori parking lot or at Dubulti station. 

It is also possible to pay for the pass after entering the city, however, the pass must be purchased on the date when the vehicle entered Jūrmala, until 23:59 or before. A one day pass grants an unlimited number of times of access to the special regime area on the date, for which the pass has been purchased. It is important to remember that, when buying a pass, you must specify the registration number of your vehicle. The pass is valid only for the specific vehicle, the registration number of which was indicated when buying the pass.

One can also apply for a reminder to be sent to the person's e-mail to avoid accidentally forgetting to purchase a pass. If the vehicle will enter Jūrmala without a pass, a reminder will be sent to the registered e-mail address on the evening of the same day from 19.00 to 23.30, so that the person can purchase a pass and avoid a fine. You can apply for a reminder on the website www.jurmala.lv in Passes section.

Long-term passes are also available: for 7, 30, 90 days or for the entire season. A seven-day pass for vehicles with a full mass of up to 3.5 tons costs 10 euros, a 30 –day pass costs 31 euros, a 90-day pass costs 55 euros, and a pass for the entire period – 107 euros.  For vehicles with a full mass above 3.5 tons, the cost of a pass will be 12, 43, 110 and 213 euros, respectively. Passes can be purchased at epakalpojumi.jurmala.lv. You can check the validity of your pass at www.jurmala.lv portal or epakalpojumi.jurmala.lv.

Parking spaces in the territory of the city of Jūrmala, in places where vehicle parking is allowed, are free of charge, except for private parking spaces.

Electric cars and vehicles fitted for disabled drivers are freed from the entry fee (they do not need a pass). Vehicles transporting persons with Group I disability, disabled children and disabled persons with restricted mobility are also freed from the entry fee, but in this case the entering of the city must be registered beforehand in epakalpojumi.jurmala.lv portal, or at the Municipal Police station on Dubultu avenue 2, in Dubulti after entering the city. The disabled person (a person with Group I disability or a disabled person with restricted mobility) him or herself may apply for a free pass for the entire season for one vehicle registered in his or her ownership, possession or as held by him or her in epakalpojumi.jurmala.lv portal free of charge. Vehicles registered in the ownership or as held by participants of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant emergency operation are also eligible for free passes. In order to receive a free pass the person, who has been assigned the status of a participant of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant emergency operation, must complete an application and send it with a copy of the certificate of a participant of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant emergency operation by mail or e-mail to Jūrmala City Council.

The pass purchase control system is fully automated. Video technology devices record the registration numbers of the entering vehicles, and they are later checked in the database for whether a pass was purchased for that vehicle until 23:59 of the day of entering Jūrmala. The fine for not complying with the pass regime is 50 euros.

A fee for entering the administrative territory of the city of Jūrmala is applied since 1996. The fee for entering the administrative territory of the city of Jūrmala has been set according to Jūrmala City Council 12 January 2017 Binding Rules No. 1 “On Entering the Special Regime Area in the Administrative Territory of the City of Jūrmala by a Vehicle”.